By eamiller - 23/12/2014 20:41 - United States - Franklin

Today, I was complimented on my freckles. I don't actually have freckles, just a load of blackheads that won't go away. FML
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One man's blackhead is another man's freckle.

I had to reread this about 5 times because of the lack of punctuation.


Op should eat healthier. Fruits, vegetables and lots of water.

Blackheads are black freckles are not it's simple really -_-"

I had to reread this about 5 times because of the lack of punctuation.

Now that's what I call butchering a language.

blackheads are black freckles? no i think theyre blackheads :p

All i see in this "sentence" is a language, crime scene, and a knife. Not a language crime scene and a knife.

Im black .. I have black freckles. It looks normal because im black .

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#49 bro that comment nade me laugh cuz it was so dumb

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mom's are typically good at taking those out.

badluckalex 23

is it just me or are girlfriends unusually eager to pop zits, pimples, etc...

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Maybe leave it to a dermatologist, I'm sure our mothers and girlfriends have other things they'd much rather be doing

or grandmas. mine always used to walk up without a word to pop them.

Well not everyone has a mom...mine died so maybe you shouldn't just assume everyone has one...

OP could just get those strips made to remove blackheads. put it on your nose for 15 minutes and it pulls them right out. it's nasty but works wonders.

#32, I'm sorry for your loss but that's seriously unnecessary. I'm sure you have a family member that others don't have. Please don't make everything awkward for everyone else here.! I do not pop someone else's pus pockets. And my mom won't either. That's just nasty, and you can get infections that way, rarely but it can happen. So not every mum/gf will do it. But kudos to those brave souls.

#32, youre wrong. everyone does have a mother. you cant be born without an egg and a sperm. so yes, everyone does have a mother, some just happen to be deceased.

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Take the compliment, they don't have to know.

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Hey, they aint blackheads if people think theyre freckles

One man's blackhead is another man's freckle.

You got complimented on a physical imperfection I guess you should be happy with that.

Well hey, at least you were complimented instead of made fun of or something else. Better then nothing, right?