By supercharged - 05/04/2015 18:03 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, I came back from a week-long vacation where I had no internet whatsoever. I turned on my phone to get notifications, hoping to see a message or two that I'd missed while gone. There was 1 notification, telling me how many FMLs were posted while I was away. FML
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Really though, what else matters?

We can't all be popular


Well, how many were there?

ScarletCrimson 11

OVER 9000!

Really though, what else matters?

expertsmilee 26

A whole week without Internet? *shudders*

We can't all be popular

trellz17 19

Those notifications are wrong anyway. (For me they are).

MzZombicidal 36

That's because the FML staff are all of our best friends.

buttcramp 21

hahaha i was gonna say the same thing, #6. At least we are here for you OP! lol

Atleast you got a vacation

yay! we still love you!

I think we all know the feelig

FML is always here to welcome you home