By mastel07 - 10/12/2014 12:59 - United Kingdom - Stevenage

Today, I found a very light blonde long hair on my marital bed's pillow. I confronted my husband about it and after hours of arguments and me throwing his stuff out of the house, I found another. Attached to my head. My husband isn't having an affair, I'm just going grey. FML
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You're very quick to jump to conclusions.

You resorted to cheating based on one strand of hair? YDI


You're very quick to jump to conclusions.

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

agreed..unless your husband has shown signs of cheating or lying. . u really should trust him with all of your heart.

Seriously! I can't imagine how they could have argued about this for hours.

Lady, you are insane. How did you convince him to marry you if you behave like that?

If we're being honest, had the husband posted this, we probably would have said she's a crazy bitch and they need to have a long talk...

Anyone else wondering why is the guy always kicked out the house pretty sure you share it equally......I mean no one else wonders?

Most women are

f*ck his life no?

Because him admitting that she's going grey before she's realised it would have caused a whole other argument.

You resorted to cheating based on one strand of hair? YDI

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#11: you should reread her comment dude

It was very unclear, but #2 meant it as, "You assumed he was cheating because of one simple strand of hair? YDI."

#13 Oh, I see my mistake, this is what happens when you're only awake because of coffee!

this op sounds like an over reactive bitch

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

they are me! ! I have two more finals!!

19990231 29

You're on FML, get back to studying for them!

"Concluded on" not "resorted to." Resorted would mean that she did the cheating.

Definitely YDI. You are the one that flipped out for no reason.

Murilirum 23

Hair is not a definitive factor, YDI as far as I'm concerned, he'd be an amazing husband if he got over this at all. A sense of security in regards to commitment is key in any companionship, you may have burned the bridge between you and your husband.

jthmtwin 16

No kidding, not to mention if she is going grey now she most likely isn't 20 and should know to talk first then freak out

It's an understandable reaction to be upset if you had no idea you had that color hair on your head and thought it might have been another women's but throwing his stuff out of the house is a little much. I hope you guys worked it out though sense it was just a misunderstanding.

honestly if she overreacted like that over just 1 hair as the basis of the fight she deserves if he leaves her. overreacting is more of an understatement here. she basicaly ruined her marriage over a hair

Although she did overreact, if he loves her, he shouldn't let one freak out over her probably being insecure and thinking he was cheating on her end that. I don't know I just wouldn't give up on her so easily.

No way she deserves to be left just because of this!! Everyone makes mistakes. It's sad how often people tell couples on FML to brake up just because of something that happened that one day

Durantye 8

120 she threw him out because of a hair... She is fucking psychotic. If I was her husband I sure as fuck would not go back.

If you found something that you knew (or thought) didn't belong to you, or any recent visitors, you would get suspicious too. I personally wouldn't react by throwing my partner out of the house, but who is to say there wasn't already tension or stress and this was just the top of it?

Yeah, but the thing is... How can you demand that the husband is not freaking over the wifes behaviour, when SHE was completely freaking out over his SUPPOSED behaviour? This reminds me of this relative of mine, who treated her husband; a real cool and nice guy; always like shit. She was constantly freaking out over minor or even imagined things. And the few occasions he actually went loud, because he just could not take it anymore, he was told to "Show some restraints!". And then she was wondering why he left her... Relationships are about trust and some actions can ruin that trust completely, even if they are singular.

saraitkddh 47

I guess you have a lot of amazing make-up sex to do...

Good luck fixing that with your husband, OP!

Trust issues much...

She's probably the cheater, being so quick to accuse...

TBH what you did is worth divorcing over. No trust = no marriage. I'd have left you, or more likely never married you.

Just because this happened does not mean they should divorce!! they probably have had a long relationship over many years, and just because of what happened today won't make them brake up...

Durantye 8

... She threw her husband out of his own house accusing him of something he didn't do, over a hair. Even if the hair WAS someone else's, I'd still never go back to her, no one is hot enough to equal out that hot to crazy ratio.

You're a dick NGL