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By Anonymous - 05/09/2019 16:00

Today, I ended things with the love of my life. I kept my composure the entire conversation, and was even fine when I got home. It wasn't until I was showering at night and found one of his hairs in my butt crack that I lost it. FML
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Why would you end it if he's "the love of your life?"


So, you pulled his head out of your ass? Now it's time to pull your head out, too. You may have made a big mistake. There aren't very many guys who are into hardcore butt-play. If you're into that kind of thing, you may have lost a keeper.

Aiden89 23

Oh, so break-up sex includes butt sex, too?! Good to know!

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Why would you end it if he's "the love of your life?"

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If he's the love of your life why would you guys break up?

if he's the love of your life then I'm not understanding why you ended it.

To everyone commenting, "why did you end it if he's the love of your life?", you can be in love with someone and have an unrelated situation trigger a breakup. There are dozens of reasons why you could need to end things with someone even if you love them, and if OP didn't mention why, then it might very well be that she doesn't wanna talk about it, and she doesn't really have to disclose WHY, really. Could be hard to discuss at the moment.

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Are you Gay? Serious question, not being rude or anything, just curious why his stray hair in your butt was so emotional? I’m Gay btw so the question is real....Thanks