By Anonymous - 17/08/2015 22:46 - Canada - Kingston

Today, my girlfriend dyed her hair from blonde to brunette. An hour later, she found one of her blonde hairs on my pillow, and accused me of cheating. FML
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Cyrus00 41

Once a blonde, always a blonde...


Cyrus00 41

Once a blonde, always a blonde...

You know what they say about blondes...guess dye doesn't fix that.

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Yep, fun let's do just stick with that...

Maybe in bed wahaha jk I'm naturally blonde too but no one knows :p

Cyrus00 41

Once a blonde, always a blonde...

mjnelson 7

Once a double post, always a double post.

i guess she'll have less fun you too apparently ..

I feel like she'd be the wife who'd sell your son's college savings to Herp A. Derpson.

Lol I can't stop laughing at this I remember that FML XD

It was a reference to an FML where somebody said that his wife gave their son's college savings to a scammer called Herp A. Derpson.

Tell her "your blonde is showing." And wait for her to say where then say "No no I meant your inner blonde."

JMichael 25

She's a special kind of stupid isn't she?

FalloutScrolls 25

Some blonde can't be dyed away.