By Anonymous - 01/07/2016 14:10 - Australia - Niagara Park

Today, I set up a hidden camera in my room so I could prove that my sister beats me up when my parents aren't home, since they always accuse me of lying about it. When I showed them, they wasted no time accusing me of "provoking" her off-camera. FML
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Take the video to the police. Proof of assault, as well as criminal negligence on the fault of the parents.

I try not to condone violence but in self defence cases.. I'd learn to fight back. FYL


Hopefully if you show them more videos they'll believe you.

I'd break her nose, but that's just me. I don't see why anyone should put up with being abused.

Parents like that? It doesn't matter how many times you show it, they will always defend the favorite. He/she needs to go to the cops or CPS or someone. This person can't live like this forever and hope one day that things'll change because they won't if he/she doesn't do anything about it.

Fight back and beat your sisters ass OP. Don't put up with that.

Parents will never believe OP, they're very likely the Narcissistic type, and the sister is the "Golden Child", who can never do any wrong no matter what.

Christ, reach out to a teacher or something. This is not a situation anyone should have to put up with. Either that or learn how to fight and kick her ass.

Let me clarify that I am not promoting domestic violence among siblings. But if your sister is someone who relies on violence to solve problems then she is unlikely to accept other means of settling things. If your parents are unwilling to step in, then teach her the consequences of hurting someone. Perhaps if she feels pain she will come to realize the gravity of her actions and stop. Think about it, but please don't hope for someone else to solve the problem without taking action yourself.

Or just stop being a little girl and fight back. What a loser

I try not to condone violence but in self defence cases.. I'd learn to fight back. FYL

As a martial arts student of 5 years i have to agree with this statement. Learning self defense is incredibly important.

Please reach out to a school counselor or other trusted adult. They could help you, give guidance, and possibly even help get through to your parents. It sounds like your sister needs some sort of help as well. Best to you, OP.

Take a martial art and beat the crap outta her.

Take the video to the police. Proof of assault, as well as criminal negligence on the fault of the parents.

Unfortunately it's not that easy to do.. Even if you can get yourself able to do it to family(it's deserved but still difficult) you also tend to have family that will see you as in the wrong no matter what because they're your family. I've just threatened to call the cops on my brother if he harmed our dogs(he makes threats toward them even death threats) and I had people turn on me saying how it was terrible that I even threaten to call the cops on family.

#27 You did the right thing threatening him with the police on that. I personally wouldn't give a shit about what people think, if I were in a situation like that, I would not hesitate to call the cops on the person regardless of my relationship to them.

Do you have a friend that you can stay with when your parents aren't around? If they don't care enough to believe you, doesn't seem like they'd prevent you from getting away from that situation. I wish you the best!

I agree that you need to find an adult you trust and let them know about the abusive dynamic in your home.

Lock her out of your room.

Not all houses have locks on bedroom doors. My house only has locks on bathroom doors and the front and back door to the house.

My house only has locks on the doors leading outside and on the door to the master bedroom. Not even the bathroom doors have locks.

Move out of that hell hole as fast as you possibly can