By Anonymous - 26/03/2009 14:54 - United States

Today, I texted this girl that I really like. I got a message back saying "Your message to 903-***-**** could not go through due to a disconnection, thanks, Alltel services." I overheard her later at lunch saying she sent the message, and laughed with her friends about it. FML
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that's when you grab your phone, and pretend to take a call, then walk by her, telling your "friend on the phone" that you did the dare, but that the fat bitch's phone was disconnected. then make a comment about her being poor and keep walking.



First and that sucks haha guess shes not worth it

soooo? its not like ur ever gonna see those guys again?

op should have posted her numb so she would get random yxs lol jus sayin

That's for sure never seen anybody from my high schools anymore and live just one town over from where I did

Ouch. did you not recognize that it was the same number that sent it to you?

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my (stupid) parents put a block on my phone so whenever i text someone past 10:00 i get a text back (from the number i texted) saying that it wasnt sent

damn...b!tch! and what #3 should have noticed.

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Or maybe the girl is just a bitch? yeah it happens when your a stuck up teenage girl. that sucks op forget about her you'll move on in life and her happy high school days will be over and her bitchiness won't come in handy anymore.

Lol this FML is about me. The poster's friend told me. In my defense, he would not leave me alone and he sent me like 70 messages a DAY. So, yeah

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Did you not notice that it came from her phone number? You're dumb Also agree with #5, you sound creepy

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Hahahahaha thats a good line to reject someone =P And No. 3 is right, YDI tbh :)

YDI for being an obsessive ass, bet you're gonna stalk her now aswell.

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No offense, but the way you said "I kept texting her" makes it sound like you were probably getting on her nerves, and she didn't want to be mean and tell you to stop sending her texts. Maybe it was rude of her to make fun of you with her friends the next day, but I've had my share of annoying guys texting me, and it's a really uncomfortable situation. I voted both FYL and YDI, since she was rude for doing that, but you were probably irritating her and brought it on yourself.

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OP didn't say 'I kept texting her' he said 'I texted this girl I really like'