By Icey_dan1 - 10/10/2010 15:16 - France

Today, I tried to jump between the train doors to make it in on time. And missed. FML
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#1: Why are you late for work? #2: I missed my train and had to patiently wait for the next one. #1: Don't let it happen again. Alternatively... #1: Why are you late for work? #2: I almost died from hitting a train will trying to catch it by jumping through closing doors. #1: ... Get the hell out.

*You're * fucking * retarded Says the person who has grammar problems.


*You're * fucking * retarded Says the person who has grammar problems. can someone spell 'retarded' wrong? Hypocisy on so many levels.

1- No, you're the one who is retarded.

I lol'ed @ this..

even though you're alive... that deserves a Darwin.

59, hippocracky?


87 you mad?

To be honest, I think you'd have to be retarded to have the train in your sites, and just give up on catching it.

haha that was amazing ^ win

o fail that was at #54

Lmao indeed yu are

Jew jitsu!

Geometry Gee•I'm•a•tree

so you missed the door... and hit the side of the train?

how'd I get moderated? all I said was Jew Jitsu?

Wait. I don't get it... lol

I think he just slammed into the door itself

Shouldn't you be dead?

it's actually not that bad, you get jammed between the doors and enjoy the ride as your clothes get dirty.

no when he ran he hit the doors when it was close - also people do this all the time this is not a fml

No. The train didn't run over him. He just missed and probably fell as the train pulled away.

I don't think the train was moving yet I think the doors just shut before he could get in

True enough. Though, OP still wouldn't be dead.

What did 31 say?

don't be an Asian and push as many people as possible in

you should see Japan..

wait I don't get it! did you get squashed? you would be dead! did you fall ?

Im confused what happened after u missed??

YDI for being a dumbass...