By DBR - 23/11/2009 22:12 - United States

Today, I finally received a paycheck for the first time in six months. I celebrated by promptly falling down a flight of stairs and losing consciousness. FML
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Hopefully no one stole the check while you were unconscious.


Aww, that really sucks... at lease you're better now and you have some money to spend.

DoomJeff91 2

on hospital bills! Hooray for irony!

My hospital bills are non existant. Too bad OP lives in a retarded country full of sheep.

The "sheep" are too much in debt for it.

This guy needs to win the lottery, or some huge sum of money.. maybe hed burst into flames from the excitement.

Hopefully no one stole the check while you were unconscious.

imperfectclarity 0

That's the only way you could think of to celebrate? Geez. :)

that_guy321 2

that's what i was thinking! seems like a silly way to celebrate to me.

I hate smart-ass comments, I also hate smart-ass people but I don't know you

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no it dosent bcuz it dosent help with my dinner!! i wanna quail sandwhich NOW!!

Unemployed - probably got fired for falling out a window the last time he got paid.

thats stupid. celebrate like a normal person - get wasted and hit on your boss and coworkers. you really have a lot of growing up to do.

I remember getting my first A on my report card. I celebrated by falling face front into my Christmas Tree.