By unojo08 - United States
Today, I decided to fix my bike and take it for a test ride. Five minutes in, a bee flew into my eye and stung me. In pain, I thought it would be best to go home. I turned around to find a big pitbull running towards me. The dog chased me for a mile before giving up. FML
unojo08 tells us more :
Thank you for your opinion, but I never said that I was attacked by the dog, I just said that I had been chased by him. I live in a part of town where its a little bit ghetto, and I didn't want to take the chance that the dog may or not be friendly, seeing as how it was chasing me. For your further information, my sister has a pit bull and it is a very loving dog that wouldnt hurt a fly. So before you cast judgement on someone for telling it how it is, please get your facts straight.
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By  love_me_electric  |  20

Maybe the dog did have a reason to attack, it might've though OP was trespassing on its territory. You weren't there with the OP, so you can't say the dog wasn't being agressive. Honestly, people like you who think "All pitbulls are the greatest dogs EVER and never hurt ANYONE" are just as ignorant as the people who think all pitbulls are bloodthirsty monsters. Both are just generalizations that aren't necessarily true.


Yet another pathetic Earth-monkey who thinks being first in an on-line forum is an accomplishment. While accomplishments amount to nothing on a universal scale, something as trite and effortless as that one should make you ashamed of bragging about it. But since you actually experience some joy, go ahead and revel in it while it lasts. I predict a miserable existence in your future.

OP: That's what life is like. Everything is out to make your existence as painful as possib;e. The sooner you learn that, the sooner you can be depressed all the time but at least have a grip on reality.

Life. Don't talk to me about life.

  br00kr  |  22

People actually downgraded me more when I hadn't tried to be first. This is something else though. You don't comment that ur first just because ur first. I didn't even do that.

  smiles4life  |  1

I can just imagine what this would look like. xD too bad FML doesn't have videos of this kind of stuff cuz I'd probably watch this one over and over again. lmao


I agree with the sentiment, but tbf, the dog did chase the OP for quite awhile. It's not hard to tell aggression from playfulness, even with only one good eye.

Besides, if it was left unrestrained, there's a possibility that it was poorly trained and/or had a bad owner. I know if I had one of the more menacing breeds, I'd make sure to train it really well, to overcompensate a bit for the stereotype.


Had to google bluenose pitbull and i was not disappointed. That was som supercute puppies and beautiful dogs. I have an amstaff myself and he is a sweetheart that allows kids to climb all over him. Though he can be quite imposing since he has a mane that rises when he gets excited.

  Trollz4daLULZ  |  1

OP said "go home" which doesn't necessarily entail a house. For all I know, he could live in a condo (it's FL, after all), or a cardboard box, or even a VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER.

Telling OP "YDI for having a house to go back to" would be assuming he has a house. If you follow my comments, you will see that I never, and I mean EVERRRR, make assumptions.

By  beren456  |  1

That's two FMLs in one, with nothing to do in common! Totally unfair. You're an idiot for not going towards your house that mile, unless you did, and wanted to tell us otherwise to make it more FMLey.