By amanderpthepanda - United States - Redmond
  Today, I woke up at my cousin's house after staying the night. I went into the bathroom like I usually do and shut the door. Apparently the door lock on this bathroom doesn't function properly. I discovered this when my 4-year-old cousin walked in on me putting a tampon in. FML
amanderpthepanda tells us more :
I created this account to respond to some of your comments.. My cousin is a boy, and it was a very awkward explanation. I just told him that it's a girl thing and that he'll learn about it when he's older. I don't think it affected him that much. Also, #7, I enjoyed your comment the most.
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  doodlecloud  |  26

What's wrong with just telling the truth? In a child appropriate way of course. People are too squeamish and worried about 'innocence' these days - they end up overcomplicating simple issues and projecting adult perspectives onto children.

  ohnobitch  |  8

Thank you!! Somr Parents are too afraid to talk to their kids and some kids are to afraid to talk to their parents. About things like sex. Thats why some kids are doing it at the age of fetus.


Supposedly, if you remember anything from the age of 4 and earlier, you're some kind of genius.

Hopefully he doesn't remember. Or, maybe, he will? I don't know which to hope for.

  buckeyed  |  20

Today, I learned my bathroom lock doesn't work. I discovered this when I walked in on my older cousin putting something white in between her legs. FML