By nikaea - 23/05/2014 22:44 - United States - Everett

Today, some girl's mom gave me a load of abuse for endangering her daughter's health. How? By deleting my Facebook account, which caused her to have a serious panic attack. Apparently she thought we were best friends, and that I was ditching her. I'm confused too. FML
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Amen to that. Some kids nowadays cant talk face to face its sad.

she needs a therapist or something, if shes that upset over someone deleting their facebook. your friend should learn to communicate with people face to face and not rely on facebook and other things.

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#51, it says in the FML OP doesn't even know who the girl is.

whoops. i read that when i wasnt really awake yet and completely missed that part. my bad. ill do better next time.

They probably weren't best friends. She did just call her "some girl".

oh. I read it wrong. I thought op said it was her best friend.

I really can't wait for the day when people realize social networking is a waste of time.

15-20 years people did same thing with news groups. Only difference is back then everyone was anonymous and Facebook dips way to close to real life.

But it's not. I met quite a few friends I now talk to often and meet in person whenever possible though Facebook, and managed to reunite with old friends whose addresses changed and whose phone numbers I lost through the years. Stupid people misusing tools will always exist, and it's not the tools' fault.

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You know what's worse than social networking? People who whine about it.

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There is life outside of electronics, technology these days are overtaking many of the youths these days and it's scary as hell.

Because facebook is soooooooo important!

People take Facebook so seriously... I once deactivated mine & my mother was ready to disown me because she thought I had unfriended her

I had a coworker call me, screaming at me for blocking him. I told him I canceled my account and he just said "Oops! See ya!"