By Anonymous - 11/04/2014 23:16 - United States - San Francisco

Today, after months of busting our asses and working round the clock on our latest project, I and the whole office just got bad news: when our boss promised extremely generous bonuses for doing all this, he was point-blank lying, and intended to take credit for our work all along. FML
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Wow, he shouldn't be allowed to operate a business like that.

Okay that's not alright. You and your coworkers have the right to dispute his work and prove that he is a stealing bastard


Wow, he shouldn't be allowed to operate a business like that.

"I.... I ..... That's it I'm setting the building on fire."

This is not an uncommon practice among corporate elites without a collar and leash. Governments have to get their act together and become responsible regulators. People like this need to be muzzled and given a tight tether.

A random fragging has been known to have taken place now and again in the civilian sector.

how is government at fault lol

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Government should regulate middle management trying to take credit for the work of their subordinates? Don't you think that might be a little bit extreme?

That sucks for OP and their co-workers, but what on earth would the government regulate here? Should they get involved in every situation where someone takes credit for other peoples work? They would be spending all time and resources on monitoring the day to day operations of every company. Like they're not already too involved in what people can do and say. Take this as a lesson learned. Get things in writing, like the promise of a bonus, keep track of hours spent and what tasks were completed throughout your project. tl;dr: no government; deal with it

Two things. one: op should quit. i would. that's always an option and at times makes a statement. two: government has nothinf to do with this and i love the downvotes going on here. op could attempt to sue or go to hr. government cant really regulate business management outside of how they already are without having a fascist or communistic country.

Wow, your boss sucks! One day your hard work will pay off OP, just maybe not at your current job.

Okay that's not alright. You and your coworkers have the right to dispute his work and prove that he is a stealing bastard

I don't think anyone will care. The project was done. That's what counts. But the thing about getting a big project done is, you've got to keep doing it. Just how motivated will the workers be when he comes in with the next one. "I'll give a big bonus" says he. "Ha" says everyone else.

can't all of you come together and say something to his superior about his blatant lying?

....What a dick

wow that's extremely unfair!

welcome to the real corporate world

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Try to file a lawsuit possibly? He can't take credit for it if your names are on the project.

get a real job instead of jamba juice and you will know. higher ups always get credit

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So you're saying that retail/food service isn't a real job? As long as it pays the bills, it shouldn't matter if they work at McDonalds or a law firm.

Time to show your asshole boss what an angry mob looks like!

Grab the pitchforks and torches!!!

Op's boss poisoned our water supply, burned our crops and sent a plague upon our houses!

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#29, but did he? No,but are we going to wait around until he does!?!

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HE TOOK UR JAWB! (kinda)

Rabble rabble rabble!

I say we tip something over!!!

Not to point out the obvious but I'm sure that offering an incentive such as a bonus often fills those it's offered to with a sense of want and excitement. Besides, who wouldn't want a bonus as a reward for their hard work.