Today, my boyfriend and I were "fooling around." It started to get hot and he took out his penis for the first time. This was the first one I've seen in real life so I decided I'd complimented it. I had no idea what to say so I said, "It's pretty." FML
By madzlovesgee / Saturday 16 May 2009 17:44 / United States
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  naana1  |  0

u shoulda said I love it's big I know that and I'm only13(thAt doesennt mean I've done IT before)

By  ShimmyPizza  |  0

That must have been awkward, but I see how you could do that. I totally would not know what to say either, so I'd probably end up saying something like that too XD FYL, definitely.

By  mgodson07  |  0

what's up with all these stupid FMLs..

guys can have pretty penises for goodness sake..i tell my guy all the time dat his penis is pretty
no effing big deal

so what made this an FML, he broke up with you?? he told you yea its way prettier than you?? i mean what, fml here