By Noname / Tuesday 17 March 2009 07:19 / United States
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  Syruphs  |  17

you should've given them an example of it by not rushing and just walking to the presentation. then when they wonder why you got there late you begin your presentation. giving examples of the things that could possibly happen when you rush through your life, like running and falling down the stairs

By  runkatrun  |  0

Hahah, what irony! But to all those who are self-righteously writing to the OP that he/she should practice what they preach....since when do you have to embrace the philosophy or topic that you are presenting? You are learning about something for the sake of learning (or finishing school), not to accept the ideologies of said class. Besides, as #7 said, the OP has a compelling argument now and will make the presentation more interesting!

OP, I hope you heal fast. Good luck in the future!

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