By Fred - 26/05/2011 06:00 - Canada

Today, I went to hand in a resume. The secretary happened to be a girl I liked in high school. When leaving, I shook hands with the employer, waved goodbye to the girl, turned around and walked straight into a glass wall. FML
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i think we've all done that at some point.

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Xrated_exctasy 0

i think we've all done that at some point.

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WHY isn't the OP playing games instead? YDI for failing at life.

skaterpaige 3

yeaah i do something like that almost everytime i meet a cute guy +_+

it was a pole for me, was checkin something out and turned round into it. it hurt a lot!

1, probably not while trying to obtain a job lol

wow yea I've totally done that before.. it wasn't to fun..

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Yeah, I might just be lucky as well because I have never done that.

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Haha yah I've done that but I just laughed it off no since in making a big deal out of if life is too short to!!!

I tropes on a backpack and smacked my face into a desk =/ luckily I didn't break any teeth but I busted my lip lol

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This very smooth, like the Keith Stone.

Just casually walk backwards .... the RUN!

this is a babe not a bear, the difference. although, is marriage

Betcha didn't see that coming. Then again if it was to impress the chick, she saw right through it.

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its ok, i mean most of us would maybe trip or fall but you can be different and hit a wall! ;)

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Urgh, it's one of those glass walls with no strips running across it isn't it? Hate those, especially if they are squeaky clean.