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  Beth Papili  |  7

I’m fat and I do not use them I’d rather walk I need the exercise.
Thee only time I’ll use it is if I hurt myself aka leg or feet.
Or if my heart condition is acting up I get to dam lightheaded and dizzy until I take my meds.
And no that’s not due to fat I was born with this.
I see people my size and I’m not huge, using them because they just don’t wanna walk.
Get the fuck up!! Move!!!
I’d of kicked her ass out and said lose some weight..
She fell on your foot didn’t she and broke it?... abuse!

By  Deez_Knots  |  10

Slash the tires on it and make her big ass walk

By  Tony Friddle  |  11

gotta love when the fatties take them (true you never know.... hidden disabilities ) and leave the true disabled (*ahem* /raises hand and every other disabled in the world) to suffer cause... exercise?


I mean, the obesity could be due to a thyroid issue. And could cause heart issues that prevent the person from being able to walk too much.

Though I do agree that most obese people should not be considered disabled. In most cases, it was their choice.