By emie0209 - 11/04/2009 03:40 - United States

Today, my friend and I were driving to Florida from Michigan. While going through Ohio my car hydroplaned over a puddle on the highway. I ended up hitting the median and my car got wrecked. Not only am I stuck in Ohio with a car that won't work, I got a ticket for $300 for hitting Ohio property. FML
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YDI. Don't you know that while your doing 75-80 you shouldn't drive over puddles? Dumbass.

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You could sue the state for not having proper drainage on the roadway citing their fault for your car to hydroplane.

Omg, you killed a puddle! Lucky you didn't get fined for Hit & Run!

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Well that will teach you that nothing good comes from going to, through, or any where near Ohio.

I hope you somehow still got to Florida... In which case you would have good reason to be happy because the weather here in Michigan SUCKS BALLS, it's 31 right now with a high of 51 for the day :(

haha you must of been on the ohio turnpike, only they give out tickets for hydroplaning

Freakin' OHIO, man. I HATE that place. When driving through it a week ago (on my way from GA to MI), my kids and I made a video about how bad that place blows. There is no population after Cincinnati, and then that giant freakin' Jesus scaring the hell out of you on the highway, and racists everywhere...I actually passed a gas station that said: 100% REAL AMERICAN-OWNED gas station. Went to eat, and encountered a sign instructing diners to call an 800-number if they are refused service based on race.

You live in Georgia and call Ohio racist? Really?

for your information 1) there is population past cinci i happen to live in a place in southern ohio and im not a hick or a farmer 2) the giant jesus just burnt down 3) were not all racist, my town has a mexican and black minority and the last murder was 4 months ago

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The last murder in my town was 5 years ago. We are a very big city too. I love it here, but also hate it at the same time hahaha

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Columbus Ohio is actually very liberal and diverse. I love it here!

Some parts aren't that bad. The part I live in is fine

Same thing happened to me in wisconsin. I could have DIED and they gave me a $212 ticket for hitting the median.

Kind of your fault imo. Drive to the conditions. Could of been a lot worse.

Good for you, have fun while you're in Ohio, go watch some Buckeyes sports!!

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Yeah football is really fun to watch. Especially when they break every rule the NCAA has established and only get a slap on the wrist. Any school outside of the 6 BCS conferences would've been put on probation faster than you could say "biased."

Maybe a plane would be better next time?