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Today, I finally decided to do regular biology rather than honors biology, thinking honors would be too hard. My first day in regular biology, my lab partner asked me whether a rock was alive or not. FML
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shelbs61 tells us more.

K, so this is Shelby, the person who wrote the FML. To whoever it may concern: When this guy asked me whether the rock was alive, I thought he was being sarcastic so I replied, "YES!! Haha." Then he wrote something down in his notebook and I asked if he was kidding. He looked up and said, "Just tell me the answer, I wanna finish my homework." Then he asked me if pasta was alive.


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Oh I have one, they are! :O They're an over-populated breed.

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valid question in my opinion. i mean ur in a class called bio. study of living things. so if ur talking about rocks it cld be confusing? lol.

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look at the bright side the class has to be easy

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u shudd hav said "yes of course they r! wut kind of question is tht?!" lol

Welcome to america, here's your bible and a hammer for killing all your braincells, if the bible didn't get the job done the first time.

bagelhead, lmao. thats true. and dont forget the alcoholn

lol I was thinking about switching out of bio honors but not anymore

31, rocks don't grow on their own, nor have any of the 8 characteristics of life

Rocks ARE alive!! Coz I am a rock XD

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its kinda funny how just yesterday I was debating wether I should transfer out of honors bio and take regular bio because it might be too hard but now im ok with honors:)

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why exactly is this your FML and not theirs? what if they were kidding? OP pull the stick from your butt.

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I meant rock not stick. my bad.

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psssh of course they are, I even have a pet rock. =D

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Seriously, what's the answer?

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I really hope 29, 34, 101, and 116 aren't Americans.

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#135 because I think it would be rather upsetting if real Americans truly believed that the Bible is what's really wrong with america. I know #29 is just trolling but I'm suprised so many agreed with what he/she said.

Bio and honors bio are both easy and basically the same, which is why it is offered and advised to take freshman year (at least here it is). The only difference is that the pace in honors is a bit faster, so it covers more material in case you plan to take AP bio. I took regular and AP and got a 5 on my test, so regular won't really slow you down. The only FML is sitting next to a dumbass.

145 - Well religion does often lead to a certain level of intolerance and ignorance. The fact that religious states/schools wouldn't allow teachers to teach the theory of evolution is only one example. Remember everyone, science is evil and wrong. Instead, please listen to a book that says someone made a sea part in half just cause he felt like it. Srsly? Use a damn boat, maybe I would fall for the bs that is the bible.

177: Religion itself doesn't do that; a hyptcritical religious subculture that ignores certain parts of its sacred text does. One can participate in the first while eschewing the second.

How do you know they just don't have a really slow metabolism? That growing and shrinking is just their breathing. Takes 'em about 10,000 years to take one breath.

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psh I'm that guy is not smart. of course a rock is alive....ok, who saw that comming?

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145- I agree with what you have to say. Although I'm not a follower of what the bible has to say I have complete respect for those who are Christians, Catholic, etc... I hate it when people try to blame religion for things that are going on in the world. True followers of any religion would understand that religion is supposed to being about peace and knowledge. BTW the reason I questioned your comment was to understand more where you were coming from. You're first comment was quite unclear. Thanks for clarifying.

What is that? a biology class for 1 st graders?? :O

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well.......Dwayne Johnson is nicknamed the rock and he's living.......

Be very quiet, I think it's trying to communicate.

it kind of is. a few people in my bio class asked that too when we were learning about living and non-living things. anything that was once alive is considered living. even though a rock was never alive, I understand how someone might have thought that. although some people are just stupid.

That is when you reply,"bitch we are in biology not geology"

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#2 In my Nationality, common is used for the word 'rock.' So you've unintentionally made a pun (maybe) ^^

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Just reset the game and start as a mother ******* Pikachu!

no be a mudkip. I herd you liek mudkips?

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don't worry it's not as bad as this girl who shouted out last year in my American history class that she thought Lincoln was the first president... she was 17 at that time 0_________________0

Lol...why would honors bio be hard? Definitely not as involved as physics or chemistry..jeeze. Have fun with the idiots who are just taking it to barely pass and gain the credits.

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this. I'm taking chem honors in 10th grade so I can take forensics...spellcheck? bio is an easy class...

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I'm in 10th grade and in normal biology

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because you're stuck with a bunch of idiots who A: didn't want to take honors cause they also thought it was an easy grade or B: who aren't capable of even making through honor classes. whoever thought a rock was living goes under B.

Guess what? Rocks grow, so in a sense, yes they are alive. Don't call people stupid just because you're not smart

In no sense can a rock be considered alive just because they grow. 32 u are an idiot

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lol, jeez. I was only tryin to say that you find a lot more of this in regular classes. for me, I can't stand to be in them. I've seen the difference between people in regular and honors courses and I can say honors is alot better

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oh, i also forgot to mention you are a dumbass, 32.

32 - i have a question for you: are rocks made of cells???? NO! In no way can a rock be considered living as it does not fall under one of the basic categories of all living things.

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It is easier to define "what is a rock" than it is to make any definition of "what is life" The answer to this question depends on your definition of life. Some may say "No they have no organs brains or anything inside them" More specifically other include reproduction in any definition of life. Vedic scriptures state that a body made of matter is pervaded with consciousness separate from our own. Hindus pray to mother earth as if it was alive. Atomics physics affirms that all matter is alive in an ovidian cosmos of perpetual metamorphosis, where Ovid was an ancient poet who indicated that all things are in a state of change and transformation. In which case as the matter that forms a rock is more stable than that in a human being and the form lasts longer, it could indeed be argued that a rock is more alive than a human. Simply the correct answer is if you want it to be. (I retrieved that from the magical land of Google. You should all try using it sometime. More specifically it was on WikiAnswers.) Come on people, google has the answer for everything!

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sorry 82 scientists have already define what makes something living and rocks don't do any of those things. there for they are not alive. :P

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You didn't understand that, did you?

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no I just skimmed over it and got the gist of it lol

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You made that quite obvious. Please, don't reply to my comment disagreeing with me, when you didn't even read it.

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maybe if you didn't make your comments so long I would have to skim over it. the average attention span on this sight is probably around 3-5 seconds so short and sweet is better

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There's an average attention span on this website? I didn't realize you did a study. No, it's just that people don't have the brain capacity or the comprehension skills to handle a comment that's longer than 2 sentences and iznt speled lik dis. If you can't handle reading something of that length, you will fail in life.

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no I didn't do a study. I said probably not 100 motherf$*¥ing percent sure. and I can handle reading a paragraph like that. i didn't feel like doing so. also not being able to do that doesn't mean you fail at life. just look at bush...

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You didn't say anything about "100 motherf$*¥ing percent" If you didn't read it, don't reply to me, thinking you know what you're talking about. I can guarantee this is an argument you will lose. George Bush was a horrible example. Unless you have a parent that has connections, if you have an attention span of 3-5 seconds and are not under medications and you can not handle reading a paragraph, you WILL fail in life. Now run along little one.

82, you're just wrong. Yes, it's easier to define a rock than it is to define life, but a rock is outside of every useful definition of life that we have. Life is generally defined by homeostasis, organization, metabolism, growth, adaptation, response to stimuli and reproduction. A rock may be organized, depending upon what it is made out of but it doesn't meet any of the other requirements. Even simpler definitions of life would not consider rocks alive. Religious scripture has no place in an argument about what is and is not alive. Mysticism is not science, it doesn't factor into the argument and it simply cannot be tested. Physics also does no such thing, at least not in the terms you are using. Metamorphosis and transformation are not life, though they are intrinsic to it, they are necessary but are not enough on their own. Truth isn't subjective, stating the opposite doesn't change that. Subjective epistemologies like the one you are endorsing are harmful to society and knowledge as a whole.

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How can I be wrong, when I wasn't the one who wrote that? I posted something I found while searching the internet. Your rant was interesting though. Thank you. :]

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I love it when my comments disappear into oblivion. FFML_314 your point was very interesting. However, anyone who studies biology or geology will tell you that philosophy and religion are examples of 'bad science'. Science is about what can be tested. There is no way to set up an experiment that will determine whether or not rocks are 'pervaded from a consciousness seperate from our own'. In fact, consciousness is not even a requirement for life. Consider plants. From a biological stand point (the one OP's class is considering), rocks are not living things.

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That wasn't my opinion. It was something I pulled off the internet to get the idiots up there to stop talking. When it comes to science, I'm dumb founded. I couldn't tell you whether or not a rock is alive and I have no interest in knowing. Now, does that help?

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No need to get your panties in a wad, you posted the argument which makes it open for friendly debate.

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You mistook my comment for frustration. I'm informing you and anyone else reading this, that was not my personal opinion. :]

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32. rocks don't grow. and they don't have the traits necessary to be defined as alive so in no sense is a rock alive... it's like saying the wind is alive because it blows.

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129- I was also going to point out that rocks do not grow, at least not in the sense that #32 is implying. I figured it would fall on deaf ears though. I had a geology professor a couple of years back who would beat you mercilessly for saying that, I kid you not he was armed and dangerous with a yard stick.

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viruses are closer to living than freaking rocks and even then they still aren't considered living.

Don't be tarded, there are seven things that something has to do to be alive, I learnt that when I was ten.

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I'm guessing this is an FML because OP didn't know either.

And I hope you responded with: "Why yes, The Rock is alive."