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Today, I helped my brother propose to his girlfriend of 5 years in the spot where they had first met. As he delivered his heartfelt speech, a sizable crowd appeared. When he got down on one knee, she punched him in the gut, yelled, "I never loved you", and ran away. Now he won't talk to me. FML
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Hi, I'm the OP. Anyway, from what we've pieced together based on the accounts of family and friends, his girlfriend stayed with him for five years because she was a gold digger. My brother is fairly rich, and he always gave her expensive jewelry because he loved her so much. She would always wear the jewelry, but then it would mysteriously disappear after a few months. We suspect she was selling it, and basically using him. Also, we didn't think she stayed faithful to him, but he never listened. I guess she was off loving another man while my brother was unsuspectingly giving her jewelry that she could then sell. In other words, she's a bitch, and it's a good thing overall that she said no.

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i'm speechless. why stay together for 5 years when she didn't love him -ever?!

That is beyond messed up. What was she doing with him for five years then?


i'm speechless. why stay together for 5 years when she didn't love him -ever?!

This FML makes me genuinely sad inside.

Potential goldigger?

48, damn those gold diggers that won't marry you...

Unless he tried to hand her a prenuptial with the ring, I don't see how she could be called a gold digger.....

I agree. That's ridiculous. Why wait for 5 years to tell someone you do not love them. And humiliate them in front of everyone!

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You mean besides being a crazy bitch... becuzz only a mentally unstable person is able to do some shyt like that and feel nothing

This isn't an F OP's life.. Poor brother.. I can't imagine being with someone for 5 years, knowing I never loved him.. That's just ridiculous, and such a selfish thing to do! I hope your brother feels better soon, and at least she didn't marry him and wait another 5 years to tell him, I don't love you AND I'm taking half!

People these days use the word love too loosely

The perks of being a girlfriend? I.E, he paid for all her shit.

I always think of Dane cook when he talks about long term relationships. "You don't understand.... He has my CDs! I need my CDs! It's going to take another 3 wasted years of his and my life for those CDs!"

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she deserves the worst of karma. I'm sorry OP

That is beyond messed up. What was she doing with him for five years then?

She was only with him for his body.

Bill Murray knows all. That stupid bitch

A"staged, public" is not a proposal, it is a scripted play for attention! A REAL proposal is the first time...not a repeat engagement.

On the same note, if they never discussed it in 5 years it should be fuck the brother's life, and he deserved it!

I thought girls found it cute when guys did things like in romantic movies?

OPs response is pretty heart breaking unfortunately :(

This is more an FML for your brother than you! The poor boy. . Time to help him through this now.

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Did you not see that her brother refuses to talk to her? How can she be there for him?

wiccanangel13 10

One, what she did was majorly fucked up and two, how was any of it your fault? I hope your brother comes to his senses.

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4 I'm sure he will come to his senses eventually because he's really hurt. I mean 5 years down the drain with someone who never loved you. If it happened to me I sure wouldn't want to talk to anyone if I was in OP's brother's situation.

OPs brother is probably just upset and not talking to anyone, not because he blames his sister.

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Exactly 53-- either that, or he's just embarrassed because she was there to witness it... That's gotta be a big blow to his ego. I feel for the poor guy

Had they never talked about it??? sucks for him!

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That was my first though.... Usually before proposing, the 'talk' of potentially getting married usually comes up. OP, I'm sorry your brother isn't talking to you, he's just really broken right now I'd imagine and you are a easy target to release his emotions on. That's really effed up what she did, he dodged that bullet. It's a shame it took 5 years. :(

I don't know, if it took five years, I'd say that bullet at least grazed him.

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@ #82 Well I'm sure he made some great memories with her for the past 5 years, that no one can take away, and should be something that can be cherished, but he missed the marriage bullet with her. Some people change when getting married. My grandparents got married an divorced twice with each other, because the 'marriage life' and what is expect from a wife/husband/partner sometimes changes making the transition a bit hard on some people.

I agree with #121. it hurts, the memories make you miss the person even more and missing them hurts, letting go of the memories hurts. not being able to be with that person like you used to be is a constant reminder of what you no longer have. I'd rather have my heart and other vital organs ripped out of me than go through that again. you don't simply pat yourself on the back and say "well heart, you did good. even though the relationship is over at least we have memories to keep us warm at night"

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Fuck your brothers life.

He shouldn't be taking this out on you in any way. He's understandably upset but you did nothing wrong, OP.

I don't think he's taking it out on OP, I think he just needs to be alone to sort out his feelings. This has got to be one of the saddest fmls I've seen on here.

Does she have terrible social anxiety or something, so the crowd gathering freaked her out? Doesn't excuse the behavior, but at least it makes slightly more sense than staying in a relationship with someone you care that little about for five years.

Exactly what I was thinking. Its the only realistic reason. Still a bitch either way

Theres a word for that: Bitch

I have to agree. I mean, as if rejecting him after 5 years in public wasn't enough, she had the nerve to punch the poor guy in the gut.

I agree with all of what you said. the only plausible reason she could have for punching him was it being a reflex or a nervous act. but she's a major heartless bitch. there was no need for her to humiliate him in public

I can't think of any way this is the fault of the OP. The brother needs to grow up and think.

The brother is obviously hurt. That doesn't mean he needs to grow up, it means he needs to calm down and think for a while.