By inappropes - United States
Today, my mom got so desperate to find me a woman, she went to see a medium. I don't have the guts to tell her I'm gay. FML
inappropes tells us more :
Wow this got posted. Ok so here is some background. She thinks I am bisexual. And is already wanting grandchildren. I am 24 and she mentions it alot. And I do want children one day....but that day is far off. She has 6 grandchildren from my step brothers but she really wants biological ones. About the medium part. Out of the blue she texts me asking if im interested in a specific looking woman, then tells me her medium said to be on the look out for her. I had no idea my mom believed in that crap. So I thought it was funny she went to one. She REALLY wants me to find a woman. Thanks for the encouragement and jokes. They brightened my day.
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Sadly, shouldn't and doesn't are often completely different. We don't know OP's situation, but it's possible that she has really high expectations of biological grand children or her son being married that she would take issue with his sexuality.

By  TeratoMarty  |  6

Maybe the medium will put two and two together from your mother's description of you (such a sweet boy, so thoughtful, loves to sing Broadway hits to his cats) and "have a vision" of you with a nice man. Good luck, my entire hometown knew about me by the time I was six, but denial is not a river in Egypt and my mother was aghast when I came out.

By  _Desiderata_  |  9

If the medium is any good, s/he will tell your mom that you'll end up with a hunky man. ;)
In all seriousness though, coming out is a tough process. Make sure that you have the support you need. It can make all the difference to have a friend or family member who already knows to support you with coming out to your mom. Good luck!

By  looserloner89  |  13

Be honest with her, I am sure she loves you and will accept you the way you are.