By nataliepaige - 19/07/2011 04:43 - Canada

Today, I fell asleep while watching an action movie. My newly installed surround sound system scared me so bad that I fell off the couch and smashed my face on our coffee table. FML
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That's awesome. Painfull tho.

it's like you can feel the action!


That's awesome. Painfull tho.

Some action movie if OP fell asleep

Ohohoho, very ingenius of you, OP. I also get that at the movie theaters, you're JUST about to snooze & then.. "DADUM!!! *BANG BANG*".

I know this probably doesnt matter but 22 i meant to give you a thumbs up

hhahahahahah ;)

Must've been a bad movie.

so you fell asleep...durin an *action* movie? haha movie must have sucked

is the coffee table alright?

damn man, the coffee table was enjoying the movie and you had to go and ruin the moment for it. go drink a red bull, it keeps you awake, and gives you wiiiiings

nice.. i didn't know 3D lets you feel the action too:p

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face plant lmfaoo

Actoin movie=sleeping?

I could see me doing that exact same thing lol That definitely sucks though.

I'm sorry, I would've laughed at something like that. then freak if I saw any injuries.

I wish I could have seen that.

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must've been a real exciting action movie if you fell asleep

i hope your face feels better op

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what movie! :D

Lexi_Ray 5

I'm guessing it was BOSE

At least your surround sound does the job huh?

Is the coffee table okay!? All I can do is hope it wasn't a glass coffee table.