By nataliepaige - 19/07/2011 04:43 - Canada

Today, I fell asleep while watching an action movie. My newly installed surround sound system scared me so bad that I fell off the couch and smashed my face on our coffee table. FML
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Ohohoho, very ingenius of you, OP. I also get that at the movie theaters, you're JUST about to snooze & then.. "DADUM!!! *BANG BANG*".

I know this probably doesnt matter but 22 i meant to give you a thumbs up

so you fell asleep...durin an *action* movie? haha movie must have sucked

damn man, the coffee table was enjoying the movie and you had to go and ruin the moment for it. go drink a red bull, it keeps you awake, and gives you wiiiiings

nice.. i didn't know 3D lets you feel the action too:p

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I could see me doing that exact same thing lol That definitely sucks though.

I'm sorry, I would've laughed at something like that. then freak if I saw any injuries.

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must've been a real exciting action movie if you fell asleep

At least your surround sound does the job huh?

Is the coffee table okay!? All I can do is hope it wasn't a glass coffee table.