By maaaryy - France
Today, I went into a shop, not really completely awake. To get to the upper floor, I took the escalator... in the wrong direction. After about 30 seconds (which seemed like hours) trying to climb up the wrong way, my brain started working and by that time I already had a few amused spectators watching me. FML
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By  MukyDaCookie  |  0

ahaha I would love to see that!
I do something like this, but kind of different - I run up the down escalater just for the sake of it. The only time I've ever gone up the wrong escalator without realising it was in Mario Kart

By  popoman  |  0

You deserved it, and I hope you fell and broke your ankles. But you didn't complain about that, so I guess the world's not a fair place.

You probably drove to the shop as well (I may just be assuming). If you did, then you're a very irresponsible driver who should stay off the road. If you're too sleepy to notice the direction of an escalator, then you're too sleepy to drive.


: whoever the person is, they did not deserve it.
but since you wanna be rude heres what i think you deserve,
you deserve to sleep walk and fall face first in a pile of shit right in front of every one you know.
as for the person who had a shitty day, hope ur day gets better :)