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By  Charlie Given  |  23

Excuse Me ,What!? Are you really that stupid to be involved in a open marriage enjoy being homeless cause thats where your heading ether that or death (according to statistics from multiple studies about 60% end in nasty divorce, about 30 to 35% end violently about 5% have a mutual separation which leaves 5% or less depending on study that have a successful relationship)

By  caffeine_addict  |  11

I'm sorry, what?

By  bl3ur0z3  |  17

Her actual boyfriend or her guy friend that you're jealous of and refer to as her boyfriend? Because if she's actually moving her boyfriend in with you without giving one f, she clearly doesn't love you, which makes me question why she's keeping you around.

By  Sonotsuave  |  33

I think some clarifications are in order. If you were aware of this and have an open marriage and are saying FML suggesting she’s going to be intimate with him due to your recent surgery, I’d say it’s on you for the choice of lifestyle. If you just found out who that is while innocently thinking he was just a tenant, then FYL. If you knew and still allowed him to move in, then you’re a pussy