By BirthdayTeeth - 16/06/2009 11:14 - United Arab Emirates

Today, it was my 18th birthday. I got one thing: a fancy electric toothbrush from my little sister. I would say I'm happy to have something rather than nothing, except, for as long as the toothbrush works, there will be a Hannah Montana concert going on in my mouth. FML
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At least she thought of you. Most little sisters don't really care, depending on their age


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Oh no, please not a reply feature! *Thinks of all the websites she's visited where a million people hit reply to the first comment just to be heard*

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LUCKYY!!! you get to have hannah montana give u head every day twice a day. you do brush twice a day rite? YDDI (you dont deserve it)... i do

LMFAO u rant about the reply feature then use it yourself to rant about the reply feature!!!! YOU = PATHETIC HYPOCRITE

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he is lucky, i would love for her to give me head.

1) Awesome present. 2) I got jack for mine - not even a toothbrush. My friends at school pitched in and bought me a cake - nothing from the parents or older brother. Guess they forgot...?

agreed #2 :) but ur life ain't ******... just have a shitty totthbrush and a unthoughtful family :)

I LOVE hannah Montana and I'm a 14 year old guy! Hannah Montana FTW

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thats what he said! (to op)

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LOL at # 1. And op, tooth tunes?

At least she thought of you. Most little sisters don't really care, depending on their age

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True. Most probably she got you something she likes within her budget.

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Okay, here's what you do: ********** with it. Like #3 is saying. Because, c'mon, how hilarious would that be?

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At least you have a toothbrush to brush with. Some people don't. Also, can you not use it without letting her know?