By BirthdayTeeth - 16/06/2009 11:14 - United Arab Emirates

Today, it was my 18th birthday. I got one thing: a fancy electric toothbrush from my little sister. I would say I'm happy to have something rather than nothing, except, for as long as the toothbrush works, there will be a Hannah Montana concert going on in my mouth. FML
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At least she thought of you. Most little sisters don't really care, depending on their age

As long as you don't enjoy it, FYL.


As long as you don't enjoy it, FYL.

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Oh no, please not a reply feature! *Thinks of all the websites she's visited where a million people hit reply to the first comment just to be heard*

sweet now i'm fourth

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agreed with #82

O like you! (and me kekekeke)

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LUCKYY!!! you get to have hannah montana give u head every day twice a day. you do brush twice a day rite? YDDI (you dont deserve it)... i do

Ahaha, agreed. I love it.

That's actually kind of cool.

*reply* YES PEOPLE HEAR ME!!!!!!!

LMFAO u rant about the reply feature then use it yourself to rant about the reply feature!!!! YOU = PATHETIC HYPOCRITE

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he is lucky, i would love for her to give me head.

1) Awesome present. 2) I got jack for mine - not even a toothbrush. My friends at school pitched in and bought me a cake - nothing from the parents or older brother. Guess they forgot...?

agreed #2 :) but ur life ain't fucked... just have a shitty totthbrush and a unthoughtful family :)

I LOVE hannah Montana and I'm a 14 year old guy! Hannah Montana FTW

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thats what he said! (to op)

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LOL at # 1. And op, tooth tunes?

At least she thought of you. Most little sisters don't really care, depending on their age

I meant to thumbs up that... Oops.

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True. Most probably she got you something she likes within her budget.

...and your pants!

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I was thinking the same thing! XD

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FYL indeed!!!

No... Your number 6.

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Okay, here's what you do: masturbate with it. Like #3 is saying. Because, c'mon, how hilarious would that be?

that's what I was going to say

FYL, but it depends what song it is.

Thats kind of awesome, I want one

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At least you have a toothbrush to brush with. Some people don't. Also, can you not use it without letting her know?

Your mums annoying!!