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By  Jad123  |  15

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  Jad123  |  15

Don't know why I'm getting so many down votes, maybe I should've elaborated that the reason I broke up with her was because I got a call from a guy who found out we were a total of 3 guys she was sleeping with (all during the same period of time), and so she lost all of us the same day. The netflix piggyback was the only revenge I could ever get, what's so wrong with that? or is it that every person that down voted has been victim of a netflix piggyback hahaha

By  Jad123  |  15

I agree with Mynxie. Sucks though, my ex had completely forgotten had her Netflix account on my laptop and so I'd discretly use it haha! Come to think of it it's been a while since I tried it out I should go check if she changed it yet