By neighbour hell - 25/04/2013 17:56 - Norway - Kristiansand

Today, after 2 months of my new neighbours' kids throwing rocks at our cars, constantly swearing at us, bullying my siblings in and out of school, and vandalising our property, their mother has convinced the landlord that we're the ones out of control. FML
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ThirstyGrunt 6

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I sue you for being thirsty! >.>

It is when your property is being damaged & you're being defamed/slandered....

Not only that, you have a judgement against them. It's not always about money. If they are convincing the landlord that you are the cause, you now have to protect yourself. This way the landlord can't evict you as a troublemaker. Also, you might get some damages.

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So kids throwing rocks a your car, bullying your siblings, and cussing at them, isn't worth a law-suit? You must do very well in shool...

Suing someone does not imply that you are suing for money. You're able to sue for a range of different things, and if one wins the lawsuit the losing party must, by law, follow the terms set forth by the court. It could be from taking a sign down in a store, to forcing a landlord to evict the tenets

blackman100 20

2 months of this going on and you haven't said anything?! After the first 2 days, I'd be gettin my ass a lawyer or some shit.

Lol at #1 "sue them" first thing i think of is good ol 'MERICA

5, Since you can't just kill them all, it would make sense to sue them instead.

ThirstyGrunt 6


Tranquilizer gun.

Should just let OP's siblings jump this little shit for good for once, before you move away.

Damian95 16

I was thinking some candy, a large table, and a larger net.

She has no candy. The movie theater wouldn't accept her food stamps card.

File a police report. But it sounds like you would probably be better off in a new place.

Or just go all out "Malcolm in the Middle" on them. When they got terrible neighbors, they planned to bury stolen good under their window... and THEN file a police report.

akimes94 5

Make sure to video record the acts before filing a report. You'll want more than just witness base.

fishstick557 14

It would but unfortunately by the time they're all packed and have found a new place the problem will probably be resolved if not why spend even more money on a new place?

Yes! Best thing you can do if you want to win a case.

goodoldave 17

She's fucking the landlord.

Throw some fucking shit at their car.

3rdbass 9

I fail to see how a projectile of copulating feces will fix this problem.

Like literally shit. Shit in your hand and smear it all over their windshield... Because THATS the best way to get through this problem. *huge eye-roll*

I don't see why not! Feces have helped get through a lot of trouble back in the day...

Steps for not taking shit from the neighbors:Take some laxatives, wait until dawn, take the first position on the front door(if possible aim for the door knob), then make your way to the car(again if possible aim for the handle)...At dawn you must release the kraken! If, and only if they retaliate, may you video tape their dispicable revenge and give the evidence to the school, police, landlord, etc.

Yeah, you know because they're totally not just call the police and be able to press charges because you left your DNA on their car. Totally the last thing that'll ever happen.

63, that's why you use someone else's.

LeslieAustin 9


Bad Parenting at it's finest.

I feel as it would be be worst instead of baddest

You and I. We should get married, and raise children like those parents!

Please don't, for the sake of humanity. The world can barely handle FreshPie as it is; God forbid we have little OutcastStrudels running about.

I feel like FreshPie and Original's child, would be the person from "Goonies" that screams "HEY YOU GUYS!"

Okay sign here to be the god-parent okay? Fine, if we die and you don't want them they'll be raised in a cave by birds.

I'll be the god-parent on one condition, when you two die, I want FreshPie to leave me those motherf***ing awesome horns in the will.

And now you are back as a zombie. *cocks shotgun* May I do the honors?

No no, sweetie. It's if we die while they are minors. I have already made my will to give Poopi our daughter on the way to a family full of rock doves.

70- You mean Poopsi? Good grief, if you can't spell your daughter's name right, you're no better than the mother in the story!

rachilio 26

92- or maybe he just meant Poopi. The original comment did mention shit.

*She and yes, Poopi and Poopington are twins.

I'm curious as to how the hell they convinced the landlord unless there's something you're not telling us.

Some people will believe anything, no matter how delusional the person saying it may be.

They found the op naked on the couch, doing pot, and surrounded by kittens. Due to this, they already thought the OP was a bad person.

GuessWhatKids 13

lol "doing pot"

asmari 10

I smell someone wining a court case

Assemble the forces! Sharpen the swords! Strengthen the wall! After you've done this go ding dong ditch at their door. That will show them.

tjv3 10

NONONO don't waste the charmin use the Scott 1000 it provides more overall coverage and is shit cheap