By neighbour hell - Norway - Kristiansand
Today, after 2 months of my new neighbours' kids throwing rocks at our cars, constantly swearing at us, bullying my siblings in and out of school, and vandalising our property, their mother has convinced the landlord that we're the ones out of control. FML
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  niallo  |  23

Not only that, you have a judgement against them. It's not always about money. If they are convincing the landlord that you are the cause, you now have to protect yourself.
This way the landlord can't evict you as a troublemaker.
Also, you might get some damages.

  LeeRed  |  15

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  weveevee  |  3

Suing someone does not imply that you are suing for money. You're able to sue for a range of different things, and if one wins the lawsuit the losing party must, by law, follow the terms set forth by the court. It could be from taking a sign down in a store, to forcing a landlord to evict the tenets


Or just go all out "Malcolm in the Middle" on them. When they got terrible neighbors, they planned to bury stolen good under their window... and THEN file a police report.

  fishstick557  |  14

It would but unfortunately by the time they're all packed and have found a new place the problem will probably be resolved if not why spend even more money on a new place?

  buckerado  |  19

Steps for not taking shit from the neighbors:Take some laxatives, wait until dawn, take the first position on the front door(if possible aim for the door knob), then make your way to the car(again if possible aim for the handle)...At dawn you must release the kraken! If, and only if they retaliate, may you video tape their dispicable revenge and give the evidence to the school, police, landlord, etc.

  Koravel  |  10

Yeah, you know because they're totally not just call the police and be able to press charges because you left your DNA on their car. Totally the last thing that'll ever happen.