By JamesFuckingBond - 23/12/2016 21:05 - United States - Burlington

Today, I dropped my wedding ring on the carpet. Just as I was about to pick it up, my Roomba sucked it up. FML
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KingAdrock 16

Boo hoo. Don't act like it fell down the sewer. 1. Open up roomba 2. Retrieve ring 3. Go on with life


abut95 8

Eventually, it's going to have to take a shit and you're just going to have to fish your ring out of it. I've never heard of that breed. Hope its poops aren't too big and runny. I stick with Labradors.

willem44 5

cant tell if this is serious or not.

Can't tell if you're actually that slow or not

Can't you tell by his profile picture how serious he is?

#3: A Roomba is a small circular vacuum cleaner that cleans a room all by itself by driving back and forth.

queen_unstable 0

Roombas a little vacuum cleaners that move relatively slow so they could have stopped it before it ate it

And so begins the genre bending rom-com/sci-if that ends with cyborg babies and a terrible last name. "I swear, General Electric 17-Piece Single Serve Rocket blender, it was like she was /handing/ me the ring. I just wish she could see me as more than an appliance…" "Hey, don't let your mechanical existence deter you. I've heard she's gets pretty intimate with her vibrator, Rabbit Habit Deluxe, so it's not a mech-discrimination thing!"

Fun fact: both products mentioned are real.

I SERiOUSLY ABSOLUTELY LOVE Reading your Comments OmMF-GAWD really tho, absolute HiGHLiGHT of muh Day xoxox Thank You for being YOU!!! hmm I would honestly be one of those Weirdos that would absolutely ADORE doing nothing BuT listening to you TALK hahaha Forgive me

KingAdrock 16

Boo hoo. Don't act like it fell down the sewer. 1. Open up roomba 2. Retrieve ring 3. Go on with life

yeah seriously I don't get what the FML here is

Unless you have a custom Roomba, the dirt canister in it is barely two cups. How glorious must your life be that sifting through two cups of dust and hair is enough to destroy your day? YDI crybaby

... and then you opened up the Roomba and rinsed the dust off your hands and ring.

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