By hipprep83 - 20/03/2009 17:40 - United States

Today, I found a bell that had been tied into the tassel of my ski hat by my twin sister as part of a longstanding prank war between us. I'm deaf and have apparently been jingling like an elf for over a week. FML
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Ender_ 0

That's actually kind of funny. Now you should get her back.

Hahaha, I'm sorry but that sounds really cute!!


gumcuzzler 0

hahahahahah deaf people!

ydi for being deaf

69_jackson_69 0

*ahem* double fail!

YDI becuz u dont have to endure Justin Bieber like the rest of us.

Ender_ 0

That's actually kind of funny. Now you should get her back.

Might I suggest her prank was a bit of a fail… if your deaf then you don't notice so all she's done is torment herself for a week!

ReadyAimFire18 0

The point of the prank was to embarrass her, and make people look at her funny...not to annoy her. If she had heard the bell ringing, she would have removed it right wouldn't be much of a prank then.


She is her twin. Chances are that she is def. it's not good to assume bro

Kennzz 0

wow your dumb.. being deaf is a disability and not genetic. There 2 separate people.!

#155 ...Uh, dude, you just assumed, and thats not really how being deaf works, fail.

Kennzz, there are several genetic disabilities that can cause deafness. I once met a family whose children were all at least partially deaf, as were the parents. Their photography session was particularly long, since I had to give instructions to the parent with the best hearing so that they could convey those same instructions to everyone else.

#2 Maybe tie an elf to OP's sisters skirt? She'll have people with elf fetishes going wild.

You're such an idiot for saying that.

zander09 0

You got owned!

This exact same FML was on here earlier this week? Unless I moderated it...hmm

cnhd 0


thats funny and mean, you def need to get her back

Alan2 24

Pun intended?

You spelled deaf* wrong

Cway123 6

188 Def is an abbreviation of definitely


i would have told you. sounds kinda funny tho XD

How would you tell her?

#201 your kinda dumb

Hahaha, I'm sorry but that sounds really cute!!

jfool 0

Hahaha that is excellent; your sister is funny

Haha. Your sister owns.