By Lea - United States
Today, I dropped my car keys down the elevator shaft at my dorm. I had parked my car at a parking meter, and now had no way to get change out of my car. It took six hours for someone to get my keys, and I now have a $75 parking ticket. FML
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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I would like an answer to #1's question. Aren't there safety guards or something in place to prevent that kind of thing?

YDI for not putting change in the meter first, for not finding change to put in after you were locked out, and of course, for locking your keys in the car.

  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

ImaginaryFoe have you never noticed the gap between the elevator and the floor when you are getting off and on? That would be where the OP's keys went. And to answer your question, no, most elevators do not have any kind of safe guard to prevent small items from falling down through that gap.

By  KurouTenshi  |  0

Why didn't you just pull some sic ninja james bond shit?
Y'know, wedge a shoe or something in the elevator doors then send the elevator far up.
After it goes up, you lower yourself down with some rope that's anchored to the nearest door nob.
Get your keys, climb back up, problem solved.

Of course, its too late now.

But next time...

  idkweird  |  0

Eh, I doubt the OP purposely dropped them. Do you have to be an idiot to drop keys? She was simply unlucky in where they landed.

I'm pretty sure the courts would understand that she was unable to get into her car, and if she can show when she called maintenance and the maintenance person will attest to when they got there, then it proves her story.

  fishcatch  |  0

Courts don't care about your personal interest stories. They just want your money. They're extortionists. You could have been trying to save a baby from a fire and they would still demand payment.
"F-you pay me."

  idkweird  |  0

They do, however, care when moving your car was impossible. If she has documentation to prove that the scenario happened, they will most likely dismiss the ticket.

It's when people come in with sob stories that can't be substantiated that the court gives them a little dose of reality.

If the OP is prepared before she goes into the courtroom, she should be fine. It's all about whether or not she feels it's worth it to get rid of the 75 dollar ticket.

By  ruby84  |  1

75$ which you can pay at a later time- stop crying over little things like that.
I'll press YDI just for wasting our time. It would've been worthy FML if, for example, you had fell through the elevator's shaft or something.