By Roomie pay rent plz - 24/04/2016 01:25 - United States - Hicksville

Today, my roommate's shopping addiction reached a whole new level. He bought a box of tampons just because they were 40% off. Yes, he. FML
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Every guy should have a box of tampons just in case a girl comes over. We're very happy with that haha

Well they are nice to have incase a lady friend comes over and doesn't have any.


Well they are nice to have incase a lady friend comes over and doesn't have any.

she's not gonna ask him if he has any?! why would she think he would have some? coz of the discounts? either way, it's not helping him pay his rent.

Actually, I have had many girls ask me if I have had any.

Every guy should have a box of tampons just in case a girl comes over. We're very happy with that haha

Absolutely! It's basic courtesy. You should be able to offer a guest toilet paper, tissues, something to drink, as well as tampons, if necessary. It makes you a good host.

I wonder how many guys on here are now thinking "why the hell would she come over if she's on her period?!!!?!"

writergirl1029 17

#15, do you expect us to turn into hermits for a week out of every month? This is why tampons exist, so we can continue to have lives.

#15 So I take it you aren't the type who can be friends with a female? By saying 'why come over if she's menstruating' I figure you only keep them around for one thing...

I think everyone is misunderstanding #15. They weren't saying they were thinking that but how many guys who read this FML were thinking that. Don't bash #15 because you can't read. Sheesh.

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So should I just buy every possible size? Or just get a good medium lol?

Size really depends more on the person's "flow"- as in how much dead tissue and shedder blood exits their body. So, yes, in most cases a medium will suffice, someone with a heavier period will just have to change more often. For the record, some people also prefer to keep ziplock bags in the box, to put dirty tampons in, to prevent animals from digging them out and smell from becoming an issue.

Maybe to sell them to you? Or just because they are really expensive so 40% off is a good offer and he might need them for a lover or friend in the future? Or he gets bad nosebleeds ;P

Hey, they'd be dead handy in the event of a nosebleed.

This just reminds me of the movie "She's the Man"

"She's the Man" aside, they are actually excellent for nosebleeds, especially the ones that don't stop within like 2 minutes because who wants to be leaning forward over a bowl for longer than that?

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Why are you winking? There's nothing sexy about tampons, and if they're for a lady friend it's not like he's getting any anyways.

If OP is the OS then "she" could offer to buy them from him for 50% off and make him feel like he got a deal all over again.

why would she buy from him on 50% when she cĺearly knows where she can get it on 40%?! To just feed the room mate's addiction??

Maybe my brain is on vacation or something, but I read that as "Maybe the Op is the Operating System".

At least he'll be prepared for many things

Is he a paramedic? I heard they are pretty useful for pressure bandages.

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I read an amazing email where a Marine mom sent a female care package. A male accidentally got it. He took it on a jeep, where a Marine got shot. The tampon saved his life! That mom sends male and female Marines tampons now. ? Everyone should have them in their first-aid kit!

Is he single? If he is seeing someone, it's quite thoughtful that he wants to make sure his girlfriend would be prepared for anything. Otherwise, if he goes camping, I've heard that tampons are quite versatile for any unexpected situations outdoors.

To be fair tampons were originally used to stop up bullet wounds in (I think) the Civil War, so...

So you think he's going to be shot and without a hospital?

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Yep! Read my comment under #9, the paramedic one. ?