By Jess - 20/12/2013 08:02 - United States - Modesto

Today, in a desperate attempt to add some variety to my life, I resorted to closing my eyes and picking a random font for my essay paper. FML
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I don't think your teacher will appreciate that

saucyrossi 18

I hope your essay started with the "The" font from spongebob


I don't think your teacher will appreciate that

The teacher told us that we could use any font for our essay. I used Wingdings.

KiwiExchange 16

I also love to live dangerously.

#11 I used Comic Sans. I'm an evil person, I know.

I single spaced my paper when my teacher wanted double space, I'm a rebel

Ah, living life on the edge. Wonder if the teacher closed his/her eyes and chose a random grade? We all need moments like this. Life just gets too boring not to give it a little shake once in awhile.

But whether your eyes are open or closed there's nothing random about writing a grade, #41.

#44, chose a grade not wrote one. There's a difference.

wow, living on the bad side of MLA Format are we?

shyeahh_fml 19

The bad side of most formats.

God... I would never close my eyes and pick a random font... So many repercussions when it comes to teachers that want APA style.

Louie2013 12

I hope it was Wingdings

saucyrossi 18

I hope your essay started with the "The" font from spongebob

summerguy97 16

Or comic sans

Livin' like Larry.

incoherentrmblr 21

Or the font from Back to the Future...

nattynatters 14

It was Times New Roman, wasn't it?

No, it was comic sans


I'm a fan of Chiller, myself.

SnoochBoochie 14

Bill F*****g Murray?!? How has this thread not exploded?

Papyrus is where it's at!

@86 Papyrus is the new Comic Sans

Tobamf 18

Hope you didn't pick Wingdings.

If the teacher says he can use any font, I think he can use ANY font.

points for creativity, as long as it isn't comic sans.

They could be even more creative and pick a random colour of ink as well. I actually submitted my Advanced Higher Chemistry report in Comic Sans and a light blue ink this year. I still passed so no harm done eh?

As long as you didn't go Comic Sans, you're golden.

Add more spice and make your essay into a "choose your own advernure". It will make for some fun reading for your teacher!

Let's go on an advenure!

Now for more variety. Take out a map of the campus, school or town and point to a random spot. That's where you will write your paper.

jazzy_123 20

That's where he'll drop it off! haha x)

Go outside

You had me at Helvetica...