By z - 07/11/2008 07:14 - Greece

Today, I found out my "best friends" have gone on a crazy weekend and they didn't invite me. FML
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is your name karen?

That sucks but not FML worthy.


is your name karen?

Whoah how come there are no comments on the comments ? 2008 too. Im going back in time Dx

Careful---my meta-commenting comments got moderated...

oh man, this exact thing happened to me! feels great, doesn't it?

oh i know how you feel >_< things like this happen everyday and i had like one friend give me a gift on my bday and no one wrapped my locker (high school)

That sucks but not FML worthy.

lmao at #1 thats from Dane cook

I know how you feel /: It's happened to me before; quite a bit 'Friends' suck sometimes.

been there done tht

Oh man #8 was right, Karen your life is totally a Dane Cook skit!

Happened to me

You must be boring.