By chocolateteacup - Australia - Melbourne
Today, I took my neighbor, who lives alone, to the hospital as she was complaining of stomach pains. Being a healthcare professional, all signs pointed to appendicitis. We waited for 6 hours to be told she needed to poo. FML
chocolateteacup tells us more :
Hi Guys! OP here :) Thanks so much for your kind comments. I really appreciate it. I had only met her about 3 weeks before the incident and we only hung out once or so. Actually, she wasn't apologetic about it, nor was she grateful. It was almost as though she expected me to take her there... Or perhaps she was just embarrassed.
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By  TMWhisp  |  22

OP: Doctor! Will my neighbor be alright? What's wrong?!

Doctor: I'm sorry, OP, it appears that your neighbor... *pushes up glasses* ... Has to poo.

OP: *dramatic gasp*

By  Koalax3  |  18

If you're a Healthcare professional, then it was probably explained to you how bad constipation pain can get, so you did her a favor regardless of the fact that she just needed to poop. you're a good neighbor but you also didn't have to actually stay in the hospital with her, unless you're very close

  Big_D_Real  |  12

how would the lady have gotten home if he had just dropped her off? doesn't matter if you are close to the person or not, at least make sure they have someone there for them before you leave.