By ncjarhead - 24/04/2010 23:38 - United States

Today, I discovered the same erotic pictures my wife emailed to me while I was deployed were emailed to several other guys by her. FML
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Wow, that's sad. What kind wife sends pics out to other guys while her husband is fighting a war? I hope you found out through checking the CC on the email, and not the hard way.

Well, make her famous. Send those pics to everyone.


klumzy0123456789 6


can't turn a hoe into a house wife

anabby62907 0

enough said #9


I KNOW RIGHT, PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!1111one (kinda fake cuz Im on iPod but meh)

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who the he'll would put ydi. I always put ydi except this one. lol. that sucks. maybe it was an accident but doubt it. op fyl.

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who is overreactinq SOTY?

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9- ... cuz hoez dont act right lol


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i know but people just give ther opinons its not like they are actually crying or feeling bad for this guy. its jst fml come on lol

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so?? she's doing her duty

more like doing the gaurd duty

Nothing about this was coo.

pseudolife 4

#35, lol OP, sorry dude

her duty? she should stick to Call of Booty 6 at the hooters she works at She can get very cranky after work apparently

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18, he deserves it for marrying a whore.

get her back. put the pictures on the Internet and fuck her mom. or just whine on fml. your choice

she emailed them to me.

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39, how old are you?

#18. I don't wanna alarm you, but there is a ginger sitting right behind you in that picture!

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SOTY, you're so random. haha.

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bitch is spreading the love. be thankful not bitchy.

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YDi Find a job where you're actually home with her, so she doesn't feel unloved & look for companionship elsewhere.

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#48, your dumb. Go back to your room and keep watching porn in the porn fantasy section.

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haha holy shit 18 u might wanna be careful

57- 16 tomorrow! Birthday FTW

2nd job ? maybe they send her money via paypal.

hahahaha 18 I would be alarmed

9's right. You night as well marry a hot prostitute.

62 lol he looks hes going to kill her for if she takes one more pic. 105 best boobs on fml by far. and ive seen 63 quadrillion pics of boobs and im still not blind.

happy earlier bday soty i turn 16 in july 

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agreed with número 19. hate to know you're going through this bro, but hey, if that's her idea of committment, you deserve a he'll of alot better, thanks for doing what you do.

U look like a tosser and if you dont know what that means its a clever canadian word for masturbater -.- burn in hell id kill a girl that did that

73: You're a douche!

Wow, that's sad. What kind wife sends pics out to other guys while her husband is fighting a war? I hope you found out through checking the CC on the email, and not the hard way.

they need somethin to spank it to also

Nothing tests a marriage more than being married to a man or woman who is deployed.

thank you captain obvious. that was an excellent observation.

^made my morning

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dude yu look like yu got yur ass beat n tht pic. lmao!


that's bs...

ohhh.....that's a problem

really? i didnt realize tht? *sarcasm*

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lol at this

You're one naive motherfucker, OP.

how is he naive dumbshit

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oh man i'm sorry to hear that. u gotta find someone better cuz first step is pics and second is well...maybe that's already happened so go get a better woman!

Blue_Coconuts 7

Put those pictures on the "hall of whores" every good unit has one.... If you're back, forward them shits to everyone else, and dump her ass... And when I mean everyone, I mean everyone. Including me. Also, Fort Bragg sucks, sorry you got stuck there...

Peacemaker9 7

lol I agree^^

Dude, Ft Bragg is where is I got my first brown recluse bite.

you should send pix to her friends to get even :D

therevolution 0

lol nice:) I like ur thinking

pics of himself? I really doubt they'd like that and that would probably result in sexual harassment charges

moonlight_daze 8

Like a WIFE would actually take an erotic picture of herself with her HUSBAND in mind. Yeah right. lolz...

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I was about to say, erotic usually means showing off... I doubt she had him in mind. What a bitch... FYL indeed.

She just doing her duty the men in service

sourgirl101 28

How is that? By having other guys(not just her husband) Jack off to her picture? Duty my ass!