By qwerty - 05/05/2009 20:39 - United States

Today, I walked outside to get the newspaper and slipped on the icy driveway. Because I was wearing boxers and a robe, my legs got all scraped up. After much cursing, I got the paper and went inside. The headline read "Caution: Icy Conditions". FML
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pinkygirl_fml 0

this sounds exactly like an old fox trot cartoon... exactly like it.

waywardson 0

There is no way that would be the headline on the front page of a newspaper. That's for news, not newsflashes for morons. Plus, yeah, I've read this foxtrot strip. What's the point of posting FMLs if they're not true?


qwertyuiop8989 0

HAHHAHAHAHAHA!! that sucks......funny as hell but that sucks......didn't you freeze your nuts off tho?? lol

ryguy997 0

Irony man strikes again! na nana

NoBounceNoPlay 0
goldfalsebond 0

FINALLY! a good FML. Dude, that just sucks. Irony is annoying isnt it?

ximian 0

Ummmmmm foxtrot anyone? Clearly fake.

Lol, I hear stories like this all the time during the winter.