By qwerty - 05/05/2009 20:39 - United States

Today, I walked outside to get the newspaper and slipped on the icy driveway. Because I was wearing boxers and a robe, my legs got all scraped up. After much cursing, I got the paper and went inside. The headline read "Caution: Icy Conditions". FML
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pinkygirl_fml 0

this sounds exactly like an old fox trot cartoon... exactly like it.

waywardson 0

There is no way that would be the headline on the front page of a newspaper. That's for news, not newsflashes for morons. Plus, yeah, I've read this foxtrot strip. What's the point of posting FMLs if they're not true?


haha this has happened to me before

Meowff 0

Gosh. that sucks.

qwertyuiop8989 0

HAHHAHAHAHAHA!! that sucks......funny as hell but that sucks......didn't you freeze your nuts off tho?? lol

the irony....oh jesus. hahaha

ryguy997 0

Irony man strikes again! na nana

NoBounceNoPlay 0

A little late there, haha.

Shoulda watched some TV first

goldfalsebond 0

FINALLY! a good FML. Dude, that just sucks. Irony is annoying isnt it?

ximian 0

Ummmmmm foxtrot anyone? Clearly fake.

Lol, I hear stories like this all the time during the winter.