By lyssamarie316 - 01/10/2011 00:23 - United States

Today, I went to an interview for a job at a company I've applied for numerous times this year. When I showed up at the interview room, I found it was a vacant office. I called and confirmed the address. I guess this was my hint to stop applying. FML
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That sucks dude, I hope you can find a better company than those losers

that's the HINT that the company or boss was a piece of shit!


That sucks dude, I hope you can find a better company than those losers

Yeah, if they don't have the balls to turn you down to your face, regardless of how many times applied, you shouldn't work for that company.

This was probably a TV show OP didn't know about. I know I'd watch it.

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I hate when people can't just be upfront about things. They should've called and said that since OP has applied and applied and applied, and hasn't gotten hired, that obviously they wont hire him/her (didn't check the gender before posting this comment). But instead they get OP's hopes up, make them go all the way to a vacant building just to figure out that maybe they don't want him/her around. It's so stupid

A) the company isn't a ******* loser, it choses it's employees based upon whomever can fulfill a job to it's best extent. B) I can't believe if OP applied multiple times, that she wouldn't know where the job/corporate offices would be located. It just seems that she has a lot invested in this one company, and should probably be aware of such things. All that being said, the company did not handle the situation in a practical, business-like manner. Obviously this company doesn't take it's self seriously, and therefore OP is better off.

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that company was full of LOSERS anyways

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Its okay Dude. You'll find a kickazz job :) takes time and patience

Maybe OP was applying to be a ninja? O.o

that's the HINT that the company or boss was a piece of shit!

Ninjas have feelings too. Just because you couldn't see them didn't mean there was no one there.

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I guess the rejection letters weren't doing the trick, and I'll bet they feared you might shoot up the place if they told you more forcefully.

If they never said you were hired after multiple applications, move on. Unless you were applying to be a ninja, there are better jobs out there. This was in reply to #42.

Go to their building and put Saran wrap on the toilet seats.

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I can't believe you're such an idiot, OP. They were giving you your own private office before they even interviewed you, and you threw away the opportunity. Work on those self-esteem issues and don't pass up a chance like this again.