By Anonymous - 27/08/2011 23:07 - Canada

Today, I took a dump without checking for toilet paper. I then called my step dad, who said "use the stuff in the garbage." FML
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DarkHelmet 10

YDI Enjoy walking around with crusty asscheeks

You are disgusting.


Stonedmanalex 0

Hey if theres nothing else why not

I have a feeling some sort of punctuation is missing in this FML. Perhaps a comma or period?

Tjack_atack 0

15- no one cares

Don't be so anal.everything is spelled right so no need to be a grammar Nazi.

Better than being in a public bathroom and having to use your sock. and 15, it's called being a 'grammar nazi', not the 'grammar gestapo...although that does have a nice ring to it...

Be a man, use your hand!!

somerandomdude19 2

Hahaha -1 ur comment matches ur profile pic :)

Use one of his shirts instead :D

Talk about a shitty situation !! Huehe

tylersign 11

Now that 15 said that, it's bugging the hell out of me.

RainbowHeadache 2

^ NO.

Harden up and use your socks in situations like that

There should be a comma between "paper" and "I". Sorry OP.

Nope, a comma there wouldn't fix it. It requires a different punctuation mark.

Well: 1. Why use the stuff in the garbage when your stepdad can get clean paper for you? 2. Your DP looks like the used paper in the garbage, and I would want that touching my ass.

Stonedmanalex 0

My profile picture is Chong man not some trash

iluvneon 0

How do you not understand 15s pun...

gmc_blossom 21

How is what 15 said a pun? Unless you mean the "period" part. But, otherwise, I really do not understand how it was a pun.

If you have a shower in your bathroom problem solved. You'd need to shower eventually anyway so win win.

BaileyBabyBear 6

is that what your step dad did?


tsume24 3

the way this is worded made my brain hurt...

Finn_the_human 5

That's why you keep a few extra sheets in your wallet just in case.

tsume24 3

oh, they changed the wording to make it make sense. shocking

48, if you drink something without your piercings and push it towards your lips, does it come out like a sprinkler?

tsume24 3

91 - LOL I've never tried that, but that'd probably happen! now I have a new way to bug my parents... :P

nekrodoll 0

uhm do what i do take a poopie shower!! its better than wiping ur but.

You are disgusting.

DCFan 9

I would REALLY hate to be your plumber.

I don't know what's worse: the fat that you take "poopie showers" , or the fact that you call it poopie showers.

I agree with regs, you are f***ing nasty.

overthelimit 3

im scared to know what a "poopie shower" involves...

You're doing it VERY wrong.

Majstr 23

I imagine when plumer comes to repair bath. Enter the bathroom: "There is shit everywhere!" :)

not_cool808 14

45- she shit after her shower:D

leadman1989 15

I imagined I to be more like, "now here's your problem you've got a giant rodent sized ball of human feces, coagulated blood, and teeth in your shower drain." as brilliant a start to a porno as I can imagine. Lol

54 haha and then when he gies outside. My car is covered in shit!

These people... Would you rather use a used toilet paper than wash it in the shower? Or maybe u think its better not to clean up at all... That would be disgusting Geez...

Alexisthebestest 16

I can't believe you posted this, then has the audacity to call it a "poopie shower". The **** has my generation become of?

MizzErikaHart 8

Well ur screen name says ur the bestest so u seem to fit right in with the poopie shower generation.

Alexisthebestest 16

79- No. Just No.

Fx13mz 7

79&82- Fight! Fight! Fight!

je_suis_fml 11

poopie shower = shit in toilet, then shower

Alexisthebestest 16

Ow, that really ******* shattered my ego.

gross... but don't you usually flush toilet paper, not put it in the trash can? because putting it in the trash can is kinda disgusting

would you like it if you were the toilet??

BellaBelle_fml 23

Toilet paper can be used for other things that don't require it to be flushed. Like blow your nose. Either way, it's still gross to take anything out of a trash can and re-use it.

In Mexico they don't flush toilet paper, they put it in the trash can.

ashisthebomb 0

62- yeah they do that in just about every other foreign country.

MizzErikaHart 8

I forgot..

We gt a smelly situation here

in Canada we flush toilet paper after we use it

blueflare21 3

Sucks but you should've checked for toilet paper first.

Run into his room pull off his pillow case go to town then put it back on and flip it. No one will ever know!

DarkHelmet 10

YDI Enjoy walking around with crusty asscheeks

fijianchick 0

# 3 That's disgusting I'm pretty sure that's why there's toilet paper?

theboss_ishere 0

You gotta do what ya gotta doo

Seems like he's a smart and frugal individual. A wise man. Lol.. Honestly tho that's just unhygienic and plain disgusting.

soo... did you?

ashisthebomb 0

No one from Canada is awesome...

yomommma 6

I hope not.