By Anonymous - 3/4/2021 11:00


Today, I had a job interview today after being unemployed for months. I left early but a stranger's giant SUV had me blocked in for over 2 hours. I called to explain the situation in the hope that I would be given another interview slot later in the week. I was told I clearly didn’t want the job. FML
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By  Tammy Gabb  |  3

Why didn't you call a taxi?

By  Tammy Gabb  |  3

Why didn't you call a taxi?

By  tounces7  |  27

For those of you suggesting a taxi/uber/towing whatever....

The thing is, these things take TIME. These days, Taxi companies hardly exist because Uber put them out of business, and now Ubers are hard to find too. And getting someone to Tow the vehicle takes quite awhile too.

OP might have left like, 15 minutes early - and any additional means of getting to work could take an extra half hour minimum.

By  Joshua Hargis  |  3

You don’t need that job if the employer is being an ass. You deserve better than where this jerk works.

And to you people suggesting ride share and towing services. Do we know this person’s background? How many things have you been able to afford without a job or at least, with a low paying one? Suggesting these things makes it sound like you’ve never had money issues. Maybe you still take daddy’s money. I have no idea.