By haayloo - 19/10/2010 02:40 - Canada

Today, I had just finished re-completing all my assignments because I had lost my USB last week. I reached into my pocket for gum, instead I found the USB that I had apparently lost. I spent my weekend alone rather than spending time with my friends. I don't have another weekend off for a month. FML
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Better that then a F. Still got the rest of your life.

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aha. where do you suggest they keep gum then???


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Why would you keep gum in your pocket? It will get all hot and soggy. Don't put things like that in your pocket. Especially not a USB.

Because it's where sticky things belong.

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aha. where do you suggest they keep gum then???

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I guess the OP got himself into (*puts on sunglasses*) a sticky situation. Yeaaahhhhhhhh!!!!


A USB will not get hot and soggy OP. Keep it in there.

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hard shell gum doesn't get soggy in ur pocket

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I learned my lesson the hard way, a long time ago, not to put gum or anything in my pockets. They end up in the washing machine more times than not.

FFML YDI for not checking all your pockets before a wash =) and OP YDI for not checking pockets too. Most obvious placefor little things like that.

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At least you have friends : D

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Brilliant number 9 just brilliant

I really don't see a problem with having gum or a USB stick in your pocket... I mean what's wrong with it?

Better that then a F. Still got the rest of your life.

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Yeah, let me cut you a little cheese to go with that wine, OP.

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@4 Exactly. Suck it up and take it like a man. Or women, whichever you prefer. :P

lol you shoulda searched before redoing it all

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How was it that you knew the gum was there and not the USB? I can usually feel man just by patting my pocket. This is just weird. You put a pack of gum in there without feeling the USB, worked until you were done without feeling it, and didn't feel it when you put on your pants, either? I'm gonna say FYL because you must be reallyyyy slow. And the first place you should look is your pants if you take it with you everywhere.

I dno bout anyone else but I always check my pockets like every five minutes but that might just be paranoiiidness


I do the same, it's for reassurance. ( if that's a word)

dudeitsdanny 9

Same here. I have everything in my USB. My laptop's practically empty, really. I go crazy when I take it out and forget where it is.

Sorry OP. It's almost always in the last place you look.

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almost always? usually when I find something I stop looking. do you sometimes continue?

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I hate when people say that! Of course it's in the last place you look. Who would continue looking for something that they've already found.

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lmfao #34, i guess youre right :D makes sense haha

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I'm hoping that he was joking.

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USB: 1. Universal Serial Bus. (Acronym) 2. Colloquial expression for a flash drive using the Universal Serial Bus connection. (Slang) 3. U Stupid B****. Another way to refer to OP. (synonym)

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Brilliant. The perils of using the online urban dictionary instead of wikipaedia.

Don't you keep all your documents on your computer? Or do you like type it up, save it on your USB and not on your computer? Pretty silly if you ask me!

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22. Like you said. Any idiot saves it to the computer and then copies it to the thumb drive. You do a bunch of work and only save one copy to an easily lost device?

It's not always that simple! For my masters degree, I'm taking this class called crime mapping and it uses this special software that is only available in two computer rooms. It's a $1000 software and I have to save my stuff on a USB because we can't save stuff on the computers in there. I would be screwed if I lost my USB, since all of my work is saved on it!