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Today, is the first weekend I have off this summer. Instead of letting me see my friends, my dad printed out a practice SAT exam. I've already taken the SAT. He just "doesn't want me to get rusty". FML
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That stinks! Put random answers...

yeaaa that's what my parents are making me do too!!!!


The SAT exam is almost as worthless as your post.

Aww! Sucky vacation! 

YDI for taking the exam. Hei Espen.

I'd kick him in the 'nads.

that's precisely why #2 is sitting in his mothers basement 6 years post high school graduation

My dad is definitely like this, his standards are so high. :/ Well he's only looking out for your benefit OP, you'll thank him in the future when your successful. :)

Sam - *you're successful :) Just helping liked you helped Angel :P

hahaha ya I agree.. this post was a waste of my life:/ sorry

Whaaat?! :o I'm really not, haha..

Lol yeah but she's my best friend, It's fun to correct her. :) I guess that is karma though. =P

Whats summer for if theres no time off?

You can go ahead and try, but like I told you I won't taste any of them :/

Oh and I'll be looking for your grammar mistakes Raleigh :P, even though your grammar is like perfect. :/

Hah, well be on the look out then Sam :P I mess up every now and then, maybe you'll be fast enough to catch it.

Color in the multiple choice section so that when you turn it sideways, it reads "LET ME OUT". If that doesn't work, reason with your dad. I always get my way with my parents, not because I'm snobby or my parents spoil me, but because I know how to persuade.

Here's a life lesson: SAT is useless in the real world. GPA is useless in the real world. Employers don't care if you got a 4.0, took all honors classes, or any of that. They want to know if you have a degree, and can do the work. If you graduated with honors, and spent all your time studying and doing school, and another guy barely graduated, but spent his spare time doing work and stuff, most employers will probably take the other guy over you. Experience means more than grades. And the SAT, unless you want to go strait to a 4 year university, is pointless. Community colleges are the smarter route most of the time, because you can do all your GE classes, and then when you go to the university, you just work towards your major.

How is this an fml? You still have all summer to go out with your friends. Why are you complaining on missing out on this one day because your father cares about your future? Shut up, op, & be grateful.

in soviet Russia SAT takes you

#5. - sexy! call me!

Well then Blue that just gave me hope that I was wanting, to know I dont have to be the perfect student my mom wants me to be xD Mind me asking what your job is?

lmao 17 you got Em

187, I work at a Federal Agency.. I'm not going to say which one on a public forum though, sorry.

lol are you asian?

oh it's all good. Sounds pretty cool

are you Asian I mean I have an Asian friend and we r goin to 9th grade and he had to take geometry as a summer course cause his parents made him

omg classicmen are u Logan cuz I heard u saying tht yesterday

If you take enough AP classes (I took 12 and then one dual-enrollment class, I don't think that's too uncommon), you'll have all or almost all of your GE classes done before you graduate high school. At that point going to a community college is a bit pointless since you'll already be mostly in your major after a semester at most (depending on the major, of course).

But 122, without all those 4.0s and APs and high SATs, how will I ever be able to get a PhD in quantum physics? Cuz I heard McDonalds requires all their cashiers to understand Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, and will get brownie points for understanding string theory.

That stinks! Put random answers...

why does your dad care about when your ovulating?

I did that and I got a high score.Sorry op sucks for you

#17 I'm a 13 year old girl who goes to a private christian school. I am a straight A student and I am going to attend an upper class boarding school next year. What are you doing with your life?

OMG no way 221 we are so proud of go study for your worthless test's you need to take at your "upperclass boarding school"

Think about what you're saying. It's summer genious!

Are you seriously trying to sound intelligent by telling us you're going to a Christian private school? LOL

lol ya we are all so impressed with your grades 221 we totally care.

Mercy, you put the same comment in post 1 and 2 :o

and you're obviously a douche if you took the timeto write retarded ass sentence

hey! let's be nice! :)

This has gotta be the most pointless arguement I've ever seen on FML...

hahaha I agree and I only said that because the 1st comment said "first" so you can stop fighting :)

Well 65, since the other guy didn't respond, you win by default :D

fights on tech are like special olympics even if u win, u still look retarded.

you have....interesting nostrils....

get a real smile yew skank :)

I'd rather say yer an annoying lil mother fucking cunt.

really grow the fuck up instead of putting a smiley face. yep that's right yer to pussy cuz yew know imma bitch yew out, yew fuckn hoe

oh really well you're the one who's gona get banned and then I won't have to read your comments because the way you type really annoys me

I wouldn't throw ban threats around when you're making "4th" comments.

and the way u position yer camera above yew to make yer boobs seem bigger really seems to annoy me. :) . so idgaf if mii writing 'annoys' yew. suck it up.

please let's be nice

what's wrong with saying 4th it's my favorite number :) and Dino they're not even showing in that picture..

that's nice seeming I don't care what yew think. Next time keep yer ugly ass face and hair outa something that doesn't involve yew

I have second thoughts about the girls that come in here. That URL in dino's picture. You're obviously fake. Sure, it might REALLY be you and you uploaded that picture to a website. BUT why didn't you just upload directly from "My Pictures" to FML instead of going back to the website, saving the picture, then uploading the new copy to FML? I'm calling bullshit. You're probaby a dude who us upset about his small penis so you gotta go around pretending to be a chick fir the attention that your dick obviously is missing out on. Not to mention that it's unbelievably gay.

wow yer fuckn stupid yo. some websites make yew put up a link, which Is on ma computer. so I took my iPod and downloaded my pic to my iPod. and just cuz yer insecure don't mean yew gotta bitch about that imaginary penis of yers.

#76 - I'm pretty sure she doesn't care what you think either.. She's just saying that if you're going to argue with someone and *attempt* to make them look stupid, at least spell your insults correctly :| P.S. - I love Anna's hair :]. That is all. In regards to saying "4th."

By the way, you just said "yo". Holy fuck, you are a dude!! And again, don't fuck around when it comes to technology and Asians. although it doesn't take a retard to know that you can take pictures and move them to the iTunes library where it will sync on it's own. So how big is your penis, yo?

that's bs, get a new pic and maybe I'll believe you. anyways I'm gona go now because I have a life outside of fml, you should get one. <33

btw okay freeze, you win :)

hmm mines not here cuz I ain't a dude and clearly neither r u.. ;) hah freeze I <3 yew

agree with 87. me no like fighting. sticky OUT!!

Freeze wasn't sticking up for you, dumbass. Admit that you lost this arguement, that you indeed have testicles and that you fail at life. Seriously. But if it's any consolation Dino, you're probably not the only male that puts up female pictures of themselves on FML, trying to be an attention-whore.

dinosaurz is defintely fake. that's obviously Elliot from scrubs lol

Ellie is hotter than that :(

I never said freeze was. If yew use yer eyes we wer talkn b4 on another fml and was seeing if he remembered. yep I have a huge cock. NOT I'm not a fucking man open yer eyes.

I'm not gonna dig through all the FMLs to find a conversation that a lady-boy and a grammar Nazi once had. And I take offense to that "open your eyes" comment, you fucking racist. So let me get this straight. You're a homosexual attention-whore with a small racist cock? Sounds about right to me. Anyways, I'm done here. I got a life to tend to. If you want to continue pretending to be a girl, be my guest. Flaming fag.

yep imma Hurt ma brain. hmm ouch it hurts yew asshole. yer brain can not Hurt. yer head can it's called a headache ;)

97 true. although she could be the younger Elliot when she was emo and tried to drown herself in a lake.. or something like that. it's been a while since I've seen it haha

Dinosaur - do you even know how to spell? Whilst you are correct that a person's brain can't hurt, I'm surprised you actually know what one is. Seeing as you've been doing nothing but insulting people and not even being able to spell the insults you come out with...

Haha what episode was that?

Hey Anna, I really think being a grammar police is unnecessary. As long as it's understandable and legible, who really gives a fuck? The biggest concern here is dino's sexuality and maturity.

why don't you guys let these girls handle their own business , it's you guys know that Anna or the other girl can't stand up for themselves and you aren't doing them a favor in the long run by not letting them stand up for themselves now....

#112 - ...what are you talking about? Anna can stand up for herself just fine, if you've been reading this conversation.

hey I just wanna see these two at it lol I'm bored but whatever I'm going to work Laters

Notice how Dino shut the fuck up? That was my doing. And I could have used "yew" instead of "you" and achieve the same result. you don't need to SOUND intelligent to argue with someone, you need to BE intelligent. Anyways, I wish there were admins or something on FML so that they could "close this thread" And 112, wtf?

yea I noticed how I have a life off fml :)

I'm really a 12 year old fat black girl. :(

Screw you Dino. On another FML I was telling the site to stop worshipping your fake icon. I don't even know what you're talking about.

Woah woah woah I'm not trying to argue with you, it's just that grammar nazis irritate me. My arguement is that Dino's picture is fake and that he has a penis. I don't try to put people down, I try to push the facts. Being a grammar Nazi puts people down. It's insulting their knowledge of English. Who cares if Dino is trying to "look cool" or some bullshit. He looks immature because he's pretending to be someone he's not, and not because he uses his keyboard in a way that you don't like. I was off making some dinner, and I come back to some random chick telling me I have a God-complex? No. I'm just proving a point. Fuck off.

I am Not reading all of that.

Maybe you didn't read that little part where I said I wasn't trying to argue with you. But if you REALLY want this attention from me, here goes... What's more important in life? Knowing how to spell "you" properly, or getting your sexual orientation in order? I'm PRETTY sure Dino knows how to spell "you", and that he can spell and use proper grammar if he chooses to. HOWEVER, the fact that he's using a fake picture shows his deceptive nature, and brings me to speculate his sexuality. So in life, you work. Do you think his boss is going to care if he talks to people on FML using "yew" instead of "you", or do you think the boss would care more if Dino was constantly lying and pretending to be a girl? And going back to my "God complex", I don't think Im better than anyone, I don't try to make myself look smart by "correcting someones grammar to help people in life" (unlike some people) and Dino did shut the fuck up because if me. For some reason, I think Dino went back into his closet not because someone called him on his spelling, but because someone called him on his sexuality. And finally, I don't care if it's immature or not, but fuck off. I have the right to put my hand up and say "I don't wanna continue this arguement". I just didn't want to say it in so many words. So again, fuck off.

stickypoo you're hilarious :)is everybody still fighting about this? move on people it's over

I tried to, but the crazy bitch upstairs wouldn't let me.

her pic is fake. i fact, it isn't even a URL. I zoomed into it o my iPod, & theres no . or / just random writing. So dino, before you start insulting other people, make sure it's you in your picture to begin with.

:P yeah fylhard I noticed that to.

in fact* & on my iPod* oopsies :$

well u see, there not Oreos there a knock off version there exactly the same though! :O

the only good part of Oreos is the outside. the white part is nasty!

if it looks like an oreo, its an oreo. :P the best is dipped in peanut butter.

ew 162 that is thee grossest thing ever

they do look a tad big

:( i have weird taste buds.

I'll be sticking to my milk. I tryed peanut butter right now it sticks to my mouth :P

TIMMEH!!! ur a tad late

cn I join this combo plz?

try using nutella instead of peanut butter

Haha I want an Oreo too. Btw, I'm not angry, just exasperated. But once I have my Oreo, I'll be okay :D

i hate nutella !

you're weird! peanut butter sucks!

I like nutella on apples. and sure Timmy

apples are gross too

caramel on apples are to die for <3 <3

apples hurt my stomach I only eat them if there is nothing else

me too sticky poo! I like chocolate cherries

aww :( well... you kno whats the best, ever?... fruit-roll-up  filled with sugary goodness. lmao

hahah those are good too

You don't like apples?! How??

116: Holy run-on sentence, Batman!

I hate when they're sour, though. Bleh.

you do?? idk I just don't...and it's really hard to bite into them lol

they give me gas bubbles.

frozen grapes are the best <3 and grapefruits :)

ahaha wow stickypoo. nice to know

milk, I just put grapes in the freezer for awhile hah. try them grapefruits are amazing!

I have a cup of brown gravy! :D

Mandarin Oranges are awesome, so are Pineapples. Plus it makes your sexy juices taste good.

not by itself. it's soup!

grapefruits are bitter. the best are strawberries & mangoes. :)

I love mandarin oranges :) and pineapples

and actually no, I don't love milk it's disgusting :)unless it's chocolate

I like almond milk!

ew! you mean like the kind vegans drink?

yes, i'm not vegan though. it's good

sorry stickypoo , but that is gross :) and everyone likes strawberry milk, wtf it's so nasty

ever had bubblegum or cotton candy flavored milk? I have it's gross

bubble gum milk? where do you shop?? I hte cotton candy!

I've never heard of lactose intolerant milk, where are you guys from?? hahah

no I had these friends a couple years younger then me who were obcessed with flavored milk I slept over one night and there dad made me bubble gum lol

hahaha sounds like a weird family

oh and it was in a sippy cup!

hahah you mak me laugh stickypoo :)I <3 sippy cups :)

they didn't want us to spill on there carpet

161...."the white stuff is nasty" that's what she said! or did she....

*chirp chirp chirp*

why are we making bird noises

yeah get your mind out of the gutter :)

crickets!! not birds

oreo's? hmmm you sure? I don't think so :) "pickle girl" ;p

ohh. hahah my bad. crickets aren't as cute as birds though :/

hey it's not what you think! :)hah

a cricket is not an animal, silly. :)

birds do go chirp chirp!

I'm so bored im watching Hannah Montana

stickypoo watch road trip instead, that's what I'm doinn :) I'm sorry that I'm not a bird expert, milk. but not all birds say tweet, penguins make donkey sounds :)

fuckingg banned my cool account ): imaa slit there throats

it's not on where I am

ah that sucks. it's hilariouss. penguins don't say tweet, they say honk or heehaw. you obviously don't know anything :)

is it the one with raven?

noo stickypoo! that movie sucks. it's the good one :)hah. milk, that sucks, fyl

do you really live in a cave? is that picture u have where the cave is?

I like national lampoons vacation

I am not joking!! psh, you're cool, who cares about dinosaurs?

only emo kids like "dinosaurzz"

stop trying to be cool , milk. (:

dinosaurs are old and ugly.

at least penguins are still alive!

the point Is penguins r cute and cuddly.

I want a pet hedgehog

dinosaurs will never be cool. go ahead and have your fantasies but they aren't going to come to life and yes penguins are so adorable :)

my cat pooped on the bathroom rug today.

aren't hedgehogs prickly? anyways message me guys, i gota get up at 7. (:

idk how I'm on a phone

lol 99 said ''i am a fucking man open your eyes''

This is LAME.... :P Obviously fake

WD40: It's what's for dinner. Dad's are funny that way. Your friends will hang around OP. Take the time and ask your dad to help you with it. See how he likes that.

I should kill you for posting this as a fml see how fucked up ur life would b now-_-