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  blastvortex  |  3

I am hereby making a complaint regarding the comment pertaining to the comment on the comment about the comment!

@OP: That sucks. Some repair shops have policies that prevent them from being liable for damage to your car, but in this case, I'd be damn willing to bet that they'll do something about it just to save face. Haha, what a noob-ish mistake. Somebody's probably gonna lose a job over this. xD FYL.

By  Person1233  |  12

If you went to a local, family run mechanic, they probably would have done everything they could to satisfy you after the mistake. If you went to a place with hundreds of locations across the country, it may go to court. Big business usually doesn't give a rats ass about the customer.


So that they could beat it for another year, of course! They jumped the gun and went ahead and knocked the side panel off already, though. Cheaters!

I'm not surprised the repairman forgot to put in the screws, though; sounds like he's missing some, himself.

  aero_fml  |  0

It sound like it was just body damage, and also OP might have more important things to pay for than fixing body damage

PS. @OP they're not repair men they're mechanics


Agreed. Repairing one's car takes a lot of money. The OP was probably just saving up or something. If something happened to my car, I probably would not be able to fix it for a looooong time either.