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  bones_17  |  5

I think you should start telling people your friend "fell" and broke his nose.
And give him a nice surprise punch to the Face!

Meow :)

  wlfmanjack  |  5

oh right he forgot it at his friends house... "FOR THE PAST FEW MONTHS". if he had forgotten at his friend's house then his friend should have said something. and if he didn't forgot it that means his friend stole. either way his friend is a dick or a thieve. and don't even say oh well maybe he didn't realize it was in his garage. cause i find it hard to believe that someone can have a VEHICLE in their garage for months and not notice

By  Kittem  |  10

I would talk to your friend and try to find out the reason WHY it was in their garage... >> And make them buy you lunch for the spent bus fare too, lol.


But plausible, we don't know how long the bike has been in the friends garage, formal we know his friend only found it the day before.

No doubt ill be thumbed down on this, 'cause people love to assume the worst.

By  perdix  |  29

Maybe you left it there when you last got baked at his house? Dude, Where's My Bike.

You needed the exercise anyways. I know the bike is excellent aerobic exercise, but avoiding weirdos, drunks, urine puddles, nut-punchers, pickpockets, and lunatics that use public transportation developed other muscles!

  HomeAl0ne  |  20

And on the original topic, I can imagine his friend ringing up and saying in a sleepy voice

"Hey man, guess what? I found my garage! It was wrapped around your bicycle. Totally weird..."