By HobblinGoblin - 18/12/2015 06:34 - United States - Eureka

Today, I finished polishing a song I was working on for my girlfriend. The next words out of her mouth when we next spoke: "I want to break up." FML
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to clarify, she never heard the song. I practiced maybe a half hour a day for about a week, usually at night after she'd gone home.

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Hey, at least you didn't sing it yet! You now have a song for the next girl ;)

Been there, slightly rewrote that song for the next girlfriend, married that girlfriend 27 years ago, still play her that song on occasion, still know the lyrics by heart. It's not the song - it's the girl.


Hey, at least you didn't sing it yet! You now have a song for the next girl ;)

Let's just hope it's not personalized and written specifically for her

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Some people just don't appreciate good music.

How do you know if it's good music or not if you've never heard it?

Must have slipped your mind that she hadn't even heard the song yet.

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Maybe if you sing it to her you can get her back??

DrownedMyFish 18

Yeah, a good song would change her tune.

I don't wanna pressure her, haha. :p But I love the music puns I'm seeing.

Evidently not polished enough. She's a harsh critic.

Shit man if you took the time to write and work hard on a song for her, and she dumps you, then you can definitely do better.

I didn't devote that much time to it. I planned it across maybe a week and practiced on nights we either weren't going to see each other or after she'd go home. /okayillstopwhining

Why is it that if something doesn't go the OP's way (in any relationship on FML) apparently they can 'do better'? How do you know? Maybe the other person is magnificent. Or maybe, they just didn't LIKE OP anymore and wanted to break up. Breaking up with someone doesn't make you worth less than someone else. Automatically saying 'you can do better' is just a dumb assumption

Rebecca, I am with you. I'm not saying I was mistreated, it's just a bummer that it happened? I actually am still friends with her. And no, I'm not related to Gandhi? I am confused.

rieebee 23

It's a reference to a previous FML where someone had to explain to someone that Gandhi was a real person, not a goblin.

I think she's talking to 8, I do say FYL for putting in all that work though I'm happy you are so thoughtful of her despite the breakup.

It's not exactly degrading anyone's worth when someone tells someone else they deserve better. It's more of saying that they deserve to find someone who will treat them better or they can do better for themselves.

Even though it's not likely to happen, I really want to see it. I'm sorry though bro.