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Well, be thankful that you're broken up with him then, I guess!

Well.... I suppose you are better off alone than with an idiot. But give him props for originality.


Well, be thankful that you're broken up with him then, I guess!

Makes me wonder how old this guy really is and why'd she date an immature guy like that... :?

Don't worry. Be happy now.

Trust me 6 age has a surprisingly small effect on maturity for guys, as seen in very many fmls.

1-your picture is freakin awesome :) and I totally agree with you

very true we guys like to mess around my neighbor is 50 and still act like me and my younger brother who is 12

I thumbed you up simply because of your picture.

Notice how it's mostly people with my little pony pics commenting on this. It's kind of amazing.

51: is your neighbor on welfare?

At least he wasn't a dick about it.....

Well you never know, maybe the "surgeon" found his phone on him and called you. Jk. Fyl.

I didn't know people outside of comedies actually tried this.

1,50,53, I think we are starting to take over FML...

Dr. Whooves XD

Spread the friendship (is magic)!

Unite my brothers and we shall dominate FML and SPEAK ONLY IN THE TRADITIONAL ROYAL CANTERLOT VOICE

53: I thumbed up your comment because of YOUR picture!!!


Umm... I mean... If that's okay with you guys... Of course...

I thumbed you down because of your picture.

I thumbed you down for hating.

Da man was just giving da bad news about your boyfriend Ohhhhh....

164-You b*tch! Why you hatin'?

I wonder if friendship can deflect bullets....

If he did not have the balls to just say it You should be over. The girl must help the man to grow a pair. Holy woman O:)

I just have to say don't insult dr who he and my little pony are nothing alike, that is if u are saying doctorwhooves as dr who and ponies

Well.... I suppose you are better off alone than with an idiot. But give him props for originality.

But how bad would OP feel if it was a German surgeon and her boyfriend had died? PLOT TWIST!

78 - WHAT A TWIST! If anybody understands that reference, I probably love you.

Not that original. I've heard plenty of stories. A guy I knew was told his girlfriend was dead by her parents. They said they understood if he couldn't fly across the country for a funeral. He mourned her. His brother spotted her six months later. On the other hand, what if OP is the kind of girlfriend who doesn't take "no" for an answer and he's tried to break up with her the legitimate way more than once. Just a thought. Really, though, that sucks, OP. Hope you find someone better.

The awkward moment where you find out that really was a trauma surgeon...

Simple he's just a idiot

An* idiot. English class - 1 You - 0

Keyboardwarrior- 2 #3- 0 Next round!

3- I think you should think about who the real idiot is mr. Mirror shot

Hahahahahaha! Well said!

But mirror shots are sexy?

*head slap I'm an idiot

And apparently allergic to punctuation, too!

Da Fuq? I'm actually glad that he broke up with you. Hope you find a SMART, charming, an nice guy OP.

Dummkopf! It sounds better in the original German.

Wouldn't it be 'doofkopf' in German?

No, perdix is correct. The spelling is "dummkopf".

Perdix is ALWAYS right.

Both versions exist: doofkopf and dummkopf!

Well my German is shit. I'm boy even going to try to attempt spelling 'shit' in German

What if it really was a doctor. And he really got in an accident.

That's what I was thinking ...

A doctor wouldn't have called from her "deceased" boyfriend's cell phone

I'd imagine she recognises her ex's voice regardless of his fake accent.

She is gonna feel like such a bitch when she finds out that this really happened! And Dr. Vogdenwerner is going to be quitr offended.

Idiot.... But, what if it was actually true? How bad would you feel? Obviously it's not but still... The guys a wack job! You deserve so much better!!! :)

How can you say some one deserves better with out knowing them? Maybe she's cheated or lied or betrayed him, and she deserves a guy who dumps her by pretending to be a German doctor. Maybe not, but maybe.

It's just meant to make her feel better... Not meant to be taken all seriously :p

If it's not serious, then why would it facilitate OP in feeling better? I just hate that people always say "you deserve better" on this site. Karma is a bitch and maybe they are just getting what's coming to them. Plus, I'm pretty sure no one will feel better about their situation just because a stranger on a web site says that "you deserve better"

What's wrong with him? He suffered severe brain damage from the car accident, THAT'S what happened! Geez, you think you'd trust a doctor with a foreign accent...

have you seen the human centipede? lol he was a doctor with a foreign accent and look how that turned out :P

At least your not with him anymore

At least "you're" isn't spelled "you're" anymore.

He could've been high out of his mind lol.

I got high looking at your picture.

^haha that was my same thought!

hahahha thank you, i try :p its in one of MGMT's music videos. stare at it for 30seconds directly in te middle. it comes towards you!

Wo-ah. Your pic is totally trippy - bloody awesome :)