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Today, during an important exam, I had a huge panic attack and had to run out of the exam hall. Everyone saw me, and now everywhere I go, people keep pretending to have a panic attack and run away from me. I have to spend two more years with these assholes. FML
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Hey guys, this was actually me before I signed up for an account. Thanks for all the supportive messages, you guys rock! You're right, anxiety is a bitch! All those who said YDI, no-one deserves anxiety or any other mental disorder... just like no-one deserves any illness eg. cancer.

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I'm really sorry OP, panic attacks is not something you can control and they should know that. I really hope you are feeling better ;)

That really really sucks, I go through the same thing in the mornings. I haven't had a social life for the past two years and I dropped out of highschool in the tenth grade because of it never been to school again. Social anxiety is a bitch, FYL OP I feel your pain.


I'm really sorry OP, panic attacks is not something you can control and they should know that. I really hope you are feeling better ;)

I'm sorry for people's rude, and ignorant actions.. People can be so insensitive and downright stupid sometimes. I know what it's like to get panic attacks and it's not something to joke about.

carry a potato launcher and give them something to panic about

Maybe it's been too long since I've been in school...but I don't think they allow potato launchers.

Just tell them you saw a dementor, they'll understand.

#1, I have actually seen a few people with anxiety to the point where they have panic attacks in a stressed environment. They started to smoke up to relax themselves about once a week, and their stress levels and panic attacks are basically gone. Sometimes weed can be a good thing. Like me and my ADHD, I do it here and there, not all the time. It keeps me relaxed and actually keeps me still for a day or so after doing it the one time :p

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I have anxiety also, and sometimes I get really bad social anxiety... So at work I'm fighting off panic attacks all day. It makes me physically sick. I hate it :/

I'm so sorry OP. As someone who has panic attacks frequently, I can completely sympathize. It's definitely not cool that they're making fun of something like that. Is there maybe someone like a counselor you could talk to about this? Maybe they could help. (Help stop them from being jerks to you, I mean)

#48, there are quite a few 'remedies' to help with that, home remedies and/or medical prescriptions. We choose the home remedies (my girlfriend has bad anxiety and social anxiety as well) marijuana isn't as bad as people say as long as you can have the right mindset and control the usage, a gram lasts both of us about a week and we don't do it again for a couple more weeks. But see your doctor and let him know and it can help you a lot. Good Luck.

Actually more and more doctors are willing to prescribe marijuana for those who tried everything else and nothing is helping, sometimes the doctor resorts to marijuana.

Bloody hell! American doctors prescribing marijuana........I'm not surprised!

Yeah - nobody can control it. I've never had a panic attack, but in Freshman year of Catholic High School, the incense used at mass was really strong. Not being Catholic, I wasn't used to it. I lost vision, and ran down the aisle during mass, through the double doors, and blacked out in a snowbank.

You obviously can only control your own actions in a given situation; unfortunately, you're stuck with a bunch of immature, insensitive people. My advice is to simply stop, sigh, and look over disapprovingly (with a serious "smile") until said plebe is out of sight before resuming ahead. It's an "opportunity" to practice reinforcing your patience.... May they and their family members never be afflicted with any medical condition in a likewise fashion. Is this grade school, high school, university?

people with severe anxiety can't just not panic. there are triggers, until you are away from the trigger or medicate for it your stuck with it. at least until you become exhausted from the attack and shut down. I know from personal experience.

#44. it may have been, but people who think that anxiety is either made up or who offer solutions like "suck it up" also say "then don't panic" like it's a solution. if only I thought of that! again I'm not saying you're wrong, it's just how I interpreted it.

#49, you're completely right, their mind is going everywhere and overthinking everything, only advice if you're not being medicated, is just deep, slow breaths haha

I'm guessing you don't have panic attacks...

#49, I play football. I can sorta relate to people who have panic attacks. In intense training, ally dad will do is hand me My inhaler, and say "This is football! Suck it up!"

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110, sorry but I find that really insensitive. You chose to play football. I never chose to have severe anxiety that makes it impossible to lead a normal life.

That really really sucks, I go through the same thing in the mornings. I haven't had a social life for the past two years and I dropped out of highschool in the tenth grade because of it never been to school again. Social anxiety is a bitch, FYL OP I feel your pain.

I'm pretty sure that OP hearing you drop out if high school because of panic attacks doesn't make him feel better..

You don't need to drop out because you panic. -.-

#40, clearly you've never had panic attacks or really, really bad anxiety. Unless you get some serious help or medicate yourself, the feelings can be overwhelming enough to prevent normal daily life. Due to anxiety/panic attacks and a couple of other issues, I had to start doing home studies for 2 years of high school until I finally got it under control enough to go back for my senior year. All is not lost! If you work really hard on it, and possibly with the help of medication, it's possible to have a more normal life. But you have to get to the root causes. Sometimes medication only helps so much.

#45. without a small dose of xanex I can't even got to a restaurant with my family out of fear that I'll be the victim of a fourth robbery on a restaurant. so I concur. there are many types of anxiety, you found a solution so I commend that but dropping out isn't a solution.

I didn't drop out. I began doing home studies through the school where a teacher came to my house once every 2-4 weeks. I still graduated on time with the rest of my class. My anxiety problems were compounded by bipolar disorder, so it took longer than my doctors would have liked to help me get better, but we all worked really hard on it, and I am no longer on any medications for these issues at the moment. It's possible (in many cases) to get help so one can live a more normal life. I had to face the roots of my anxiety (at first with meds) and then slowly get over them. I still have some anxiety and panic attacks, but they happen much, much less frequently and to a lesser extent now. I'm still working on it, and likely will for a long time, but I am happy with my progress!

#54. I wasn't saying you dropped out, as I understood it OP did. Lol I commend you on finding a solution. I will say meds help but it isn't an answer, like you I was given them but now I take ninety percent xanex a week! hopefully I won't need it anymore soon lol

I did the same in grade 9 and again in grade 11, i feel ya :(

Oh, okay! I just wanted to explain myself better just in case that is what you meant.

I got a massive one when we were doing our grad rehearsal. I burst into tears and couldn't breathe. All my friends were crowded around the window of the room I was in until my brother elbowed his way in and took me home. I would get them for years after because I had a lot of health problems. I ended up bring in the disability resource center at University and did fine, eventually not needing the help. Don't give up OP!

Dang, people can be so mean. It will get better.

That's terrible op. I know what its like to be picked on and its horrible. >_< I hope they leave you alone.

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They'll laugh until something like that happens to them. Then you can laugh OP. Karma can be a great thing.

Just wait until someone else does something that they can make fun of. They'll soon forget that it happened and you will be able to walk the halls without them making fun of you. Hopefully anyway.

Yeah, high schoolers seem to be very forgetful. At least they were when I was going.

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That's awful. Hopefully you can get those under control. I wish more people would try and help op instead of acting like assholes. Ugh.

that's inconsiderate.....hopefully they would stop it soon!

These students are inconsiderate idiots! I would at least show some support or respect to those needing it