By ohwell - Sweden - Tullinge
Today, I met my best friend's girlfriend for the first time. After a few hours of talking and eating, she followed me to the bathroom and said, dead serious, ''If you ever touch him or get too close to him, I will cut you''. I've known him for twelve years, they have been dating for a month. FML
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By  maxxwell8  |  13

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  MrDonSalvetti  |  27

That certainly is neither a good advise nor a solution for the problem. I would talk to your friend and tell him what she said. Maybe he'll talk to his girlfriend and make her clear that this is not ok.

  Intahdex  |  15

lol you made a joke and people take it as real advice, i swear people on this app need to loosen up...a lot!

  KitchKraft  |  21

Sounds like this man has a serious case of bitch dependency. OP needs to slap some sense into his friend before it gets too bad. Bitch dependency can be very dangerous, and he could end up with even bitchier bitches. Seek counsel from A Pimp Named Slickback.


Actually, if she's psycho enough to actually cut him, the sharper the tool the better. It would hurt less and heal quicker.

A cut with a dull blade is basically tearing just as much as cutting, so it messes you up more.

  cheeeksss  |  29

I was thinking the same. It's very possible for a guy and a girl to have a platonic friendship, but apparently this crazy girlfriend doesn't think so. Best of luck to you, OP.

  josiemorehouse  |  12

I agree, but I think OP should talk to her friend without said psycho nearby, and approach the subject cautiously. Like tell him that psycho-girl may misunderstand their friendship, and suggest maybe he talk to her and make sure she knows that ya'll are just friends. If he asks why, tell him. Good luck OP.

By  chuka81  |  27

Psychos always make for the most interesting relationships. And breaking up with them is even more dangerous. Don't even think a restraining order would be enough.

By  heirofhope  |  38

I would inform your friend about that. If you've known him for twelve years, and he's a sensible person, he'll probably believe you. Some people are defensive of their loved ones, but a one-month girlfriend may never have a place saying that to a friend of twelve years. Be respective of the fact that they are dating, but never tolerate harsh words, let alone threats. Hope it works out OP.

  Senorangelo  |  10

The friend will subconsciously know it's true but will not admit it consciously to himself due to recent years blinding. Talking in front of them about it as a joke is also a way to go. It gives her a chance to appear as she isn't a psycho.

  zeemonster424  |  15

They've been friends for 12 years right? I bet OP's friend talks about OP a LOT! Maybe that is the reason for the girlfriend to act a little bit off... Still a bit loopy to go that far though.