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Today, I re-joined a popular on-line dating service. I first signed up 3 years ago and was matched with a wonderful woman. After about a year, she broke up with me. I was devastated. After two years of trying to win her back, I decided it's best just to move on. Guess who they matched me with? FML
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  Rayn4u_fml  |  0

Indeed. Are you surprised that the software that matched you with her did not keep up with your relationship and update its compatibility function accordingly?

  txgirl09  |  5

Please tell me how 'love happens naturally'. I would honestly effing like to know because I have been looking hardcore for a boyfriend for ages and so far online dating seems to be the most efficient way to meet someone without having to go to a loud club or a bar.

I just get SO pissed at people who down internet dating. Not everyone is a social butterfly and some of us want to avoid those who simply want to get laid and online dating helps.

  jackkerouc9  |  0

I hope you do not use FML as a dating site, #12. That would be too hardcore even for me.

Has anyone noticed that us calling each other by numbers is like S.P.E.C.T.R.E. from James Bond?

  Luckster  |  0

Apparently looking for someone naturally isn't possible for people anymore. I met my current boyfriend totally on accident after I decided to stop dating years ago (since all the men I ended up with were all the same--in it only for the sex and nothing more). I just let life happen and now I'm with a man I can't ever imagine being without.

But...some people apparently NEED to date forcibly rather than just letting one thing lead to another I guess. Whatever floats and sinks their boat.

  jackkerouc9  |  0

People have never been socially incredible. Some of the majority are starting to realize that Christian marriage is not the most ideal thing in the world and our soul purpose in life is not to pump out 6 kids and not beat your wife. Its a sad fact that we are becoming more and more aware of our empty and pointless existence. Life is truly, Luckster, Whatever floats (or sinks) your boat.


Online dating IS natural. It's just as natural as videoconferencing or using a phone to call your sweetheart for this day and age.

It simply is another avenue for dating, it does NOT mean something is wrong with you or you are socially inept. It is the people out there who use others for sex, lie or cheat, or are not sincere in relationships that are socially inept. Alot of people who use online dating are just tired of these games and actually want a mature, honest relationship.

  ghost010  |  6

#85 I disagree. I don't see it as natural, I see it as a rather pathetic and lazy attempt to meet someone new. If you are so reserved that you can't talk to someone then you need to take steps to help to change that, not sit on your computer looking for your 'soulmate.' Your soulmate isn't online, they are out there in the 'real' world, go find them and stop being lazy.