Nice try…

By Anonymous - 18/02/2015 18:06 - United Kingdom - Norwich

Today, I tried to blackmail my douchebag boss for a raise, since I had ample proof that he's screwing a co-worker. Turns out he and his wife are in an open relationship, and HR doesn't give a damn about office romances. Now I have to quit or deal with the most hostile work environment ever. FML
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You're stupid enough to try and blackmail your boss for more money? You definitely deserve it.

Read the word "blackmail", instant YDI.


You're stupid enough to try and blackmail your boss for more money? You definitely deserve it.

I can forgive stupidity. But the fact that you would use this method for a raise rather than working hard and earning it makes you a bad person, OP. I'm glad karma bit you in the ass.

Your boss may be a douchebag, but if you're willing to blackmail some.. Pot meet Kettle.

ChristianH39 30

If the boss is in an open relationship there's not even reason to assume he's a douchebag, this is all on OP.

He might be calling him a douchebag for other reasons

Stephencharis 14

OP clearly needs Jesus...

Sometimes it's best to just stay quiet.

Like my lawyer always says, "Shut up and dont say a fucking thing till i get there."

JayVicious 20

your lawyer tell you that alot?

This is one of the truest cases of "OP is a fag" I have ever seen.

I don't like it when people use sexuality as an insult.

Saul is the best isn't he?

Actually, this FML made me think of Ted Beneke lol

Yeah, that was pretty dumb.

Read the word "blackmail", instant YDI.

who's the douche bag now OP?

So this is what it's like to be here early... Anyways you deserve it for blackmailing someone. For a raise? Seriously? And no matter how much of a d-bag your boss may be, doing something wrong is not the answer.

I feel the d-bag part was to make it seem like the boss was at fault, not OP.

martin8337 35

Sometimes blackmailing someone can bite you in the ass.

More like always. OP has succeeded in becoming an ass

Time to meet the wife! ;D

That wouldn't make the situation worse at all. /sarcasm Even if OP quit and had nothing to lose, I doubt he'd have a chance with wifey, considering the whole blackmail thing. OPs boss probably told her, lol.

From reading the fml it is clear that the wife wouldn't be bothered about her husbands affair so going to see her would be pointless

Stephencharis 14

you want to meet the wife??....I'd prefer to think the Family is messed up...

crazytwinsmom 25

@101, they meant to have an affair since it's an open relationship.

dope_mcfly 24

@119 why assume the family is messed up? I love my wife and she knows my girlfriend. I know her girlfriend, too. Open relationships are fun for all involved.

Should have just kept that to yourself.

Should've just minded your own business instead of trying to blackmail your boss... You totally deserved it.

Maybe you should mind your own business.

Well, his raise is his business.

TallMist 32

But their boss's relationships is NOT.