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Today, I went out drinking with my friends. At the end of the night I got a cab ride home. I must have passed out because when I woke up I wasn’t at my place, but my parent’s house, which is the address on my license…120 miles away. The fare was $220. FML
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YDI. Go say hi to mom, and take a bus home!!

I mean it sucks, but at least you didn't drive home yourself after drinking. So you spent $220 on cab fare, At least you still have your life. :) And if you had've drove home and gotten a DUI it would have been much more expensive.


YDI. Go say hi to mom, and take a bus home!!

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I dont really think is a FML. ..

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dude if she took a bus and passed out she would hav woken up in the bus station, much worse than a cab to moms who was forced to pay for it

That's only $1.83/mile you tramp! Miami's taxis are $2.20/mile. You made this up!

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You know when people tell you that drinking untill you can't feel feelings anymore is a bad thing? Yeah, THIS is what those people were talking about.

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Even if this wasn't fake, it's not an FML. At least she woke up at home, not in a dark alley with her panties by her ankles.

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67, you're basing your opinion on the fact that something worse could have happened to OP... If that's your basis of judgement, then this site shouldn't exist.

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That REALLY blows. You're gonna get a bunch of stiff douchebags who say "YDI FOAR DRANKING" so don't pay attention to them. Hopefully you had the money to pay...

But the funny thing is, she does deserve it for drinking.

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Exactly #26, moderation so you don't pass out in the cab please! OP is lucky the cab driver took her anywhere.

We're stiff douchebags because we think she deserves it? She got so drunk she passed out before she could even tell the cabdriver where to take her. Anyone could have taken advantage of her. On top of that, she was alone. She's a complete dumbass. Drinking is fine, if you're with friends with whom to surround yourself.

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you passed out as soon as you got in? before you could even tell him you address?

Yeah I don't really believe this one. I mean... before the cab driver even gets moving don't you tell him where to go? If this is true you must've passed out the second you got in the car.

I have never heard of a cab that will drive 120 miles.

I'm going to have to call fake. I find it hard to believe that the cab driver reached into your pocket to get your wallet, looked at your driver's liscense and then proceeded to drive you 120 miles without even double checking.

If she was that drunk to pass out then she wouldn't remember it! I'm speaking from experience here as I passed out on my 18th birthday from drinking. But unlike OP, I was in my own home surrounded by only friends and my parents were upstairs. Only time I have and only time I will. In England 18ths are big birthdays.

I mean it sucks, but at least you didn't drive home yourself after drinking. So you spent $220 on cab fare, At least you still have your life. :) And if you had've drove home and gotten a DUI it would have been much more expensive.

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ouch. lol keep a piece of paper by your drivers licence for next time this happens. (:

YDI. _____________________________

You totally deserve it for drinking and passing out. If you can't handle your alcohol, but are stupid enough to drink anyway, you deserve whatever happens to you. You drinking is like someone who can't swim going surfing.

What a stupid comment. With enough alcohol, everyone passes out. Obviously, he just felt like going past his limit.

All right... so he knew his limit and just "felt like going past it"? So you're suggesting he KNEW he would pass out? Then he definitely deserves whatever happens. And not everyone passes out from drinking. Maybe you and everyone you know does, but that's not everyone.

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They could have been tired as well. Shouldn't judge someone for "not being able to handle" alcohol when a lot of people are that way as well. Maybe not all, but still a lot. After a night of partying and getting drunk I'm sure that they'd be exhausted and the back seat of a cab is comfortable enough to a drunk person to fall asleep. I'd say you're just being rather judgmental to OP.

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Geez, I don't see why everyone is all "ydi for being drunk". Like you guys have never drank before. Either that, or you have absolutely no life. Eh, OP, that's not too bad considering what happens to other people while drunk.

actually you don't need to drink to have fun, some people are naturally fun people i don't drink and i still have alot of fun, so you're just retarded for thinking only people who drink have fun. so she they deserve it for being drunk

I have never drank, and this internet person thinks I have no life because of it. O nooesss :(

Me too! Does this mean the only way to have a life is to be stupid enough to drink? Oh no!!! /wrists.

You have to drink to have a life? I guess my friends mean bullshit because we don't get drunk together on a regular basis. Oh, by the way, you're an idiot. She doesn't deserve it for drinking, she deserves for getting so drunk that she passed out before she could even give the cabdriver her address. Anyone could have taken advantage of her. I assume by your attitude that this happens to you quite often, #9?

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#9 Thanks for your opinion, pity it's an absolutely stupid one. Drink is your life huh? Sounds like an addict to me.


drink responsibly. may you not make the same mistake lol.

At least OP got to see his/her parents:]